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Is Your Broadhead Fixed or Mechanical?

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by SenecaBow, Jan 6, 2003.

  1. Fixed

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  2. mechanical

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  1. I shoot 100 gr. Thunderheads but would like to try an mechanical broadhead. I have shot fixed bladed heads all my life and they have never let me down, but I still want to try something new. Any idea's on what work's in the mec world?
  2. Sorry Seneca all I use are 125 grain Nugent blades on my arrows and crossbolts. I love the way they perform and fly.;)

  3. I shoot 85 grain Thunderheads. I tried the Rocket Aerohead mechanicals for one season about 5 years ago. They fly great, just like the same weight field points, but after shooting a few deer with them I switched back to the Thuderheads because of very poor penitration with the mechanicals.
  4. I shoot 100 gr. Thunderheads. They fly really true and are very sharp out of the box. I thought about goin to mechs but i figured there was no reason to take a chance when the thunderheads are performing. I've heard of instances when people have takin quarterting shots and the mechs didnt open because of the angle of entry. I would suggest making sure you have enough KE.
  5. Fixed

    I shoot 100 grain muzzy's. Never had a problem, and they cam recomended. Took my first deer with a bow this past year, and it really performed well.

  6. I used to use muzzy 100 but about two years ago i switched over to 100 grain spitfire by naps and love them,they leave a very large hole and do a wonderful job.I personaly have killed two bucks with them and i know alot of other guys that shoot them with great success.
    The one big thing to remember when using mechanicals is you need kinetic energy at least 60lbs or better for them to perform at there best.I shoot easton evolutions 400's with a 100 grain spitfire at 424 grain arrow at 274 fps pushing 69 lbs of engery and man does it hit hard.
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  7. Thunderhead 100's for Deer/Pigs/Turkeys with compound, 125's for Bear/Bou an if i'm luck enough to hunt Elk or Moose in the future. Nugent 125's for Recurve. All proven deadly, no gimicks, no BS, no doubts!
  8. I mostly use the good ol Thunderhead 100, but I do like to try new things too. I shot and killed a hog this season with a Mechanical broadhead Snyper by Rocky Mountain, it did the job fine. I got a a complete pass through and a short blood trail about 30 yds is all he went after the shot.
    I tried the 2 blade fixxed heads last season like the Nudge blades and Modoc cut on impact, I was never satisfied with the blood trails even though they were short not alot of blood on the ground.
    I looking foreward to getting and trying the new RazorCaps soon they should be available this spring. You can check them out at
  9. 100 grain spitfire. No problems. Kinda expensive.
  10. I personally use 85 grain thunderheads and I love them. Many "experts" say you need to use at least 100 gr. for deer sized animals but I disagree. I did use some mecanicals for one season but I did not like them at all! I used...... ........ man, I cant remember the name of the manufacturer but they also make Deadheads which are a fabulous fixed blade...ask ithoyts! The reason I did not like them was I like to shoot all year with broadheads and I was always breaking or bending the blades while practicing and I know several people who do not like the performance on quartering shots. I do not think that the extra cutting diamater is worth the risk of wounding a deer. My thunderheads are outstanding. I had a doe at twenty yards this year and my arrow passed through cutting a rib on each side and passing through the front right leg before burrying itself six inches in the ground. This was a quartering away shot and the deer ran about 90 yards. I will never switch!!!
  11. what are ya flingin' -em with Hoytme2? I'm assuming a Hoyt. I want back last fall to Hoyt and bought a MagnaTec. It's not a $700 bow but it's damn fast and almost as quiet as my recurve.
  12. be careful with mechanicals

    I learned this the hard way. If your bow does not shoot at least 265fps don't use anything but fixed blade. I lost a buck last year that was shot in the shoulder with a spitfire. I had the first Buckmaster bow and carbon arrows and shot the buck 2 inches from perfect at 22yds and it barley bled. I tracked for about 1000yds over a period of 12hrs and didn't find it until gun season. After cutting into the buck to find out why it took so long to die I saw that the blades didn't open and penatrated just far enough to poke a hole in thelung with the point. It was really disappointing. I have a Mathews Q2 now and can shoot the machanical without concern.
  13. ya i shoot an 85 grain thunderhead and all im pushin is 55 pound draw weight. It shoots 230 fps and it hits hard as heck. My arrows go further in a the target than my dads and he shoots 65 pound draw weight BUT with an older bow. Mine is a new Martin. But anyways this was my first year hunting archery...I guess i never got into it before well anyways i shot a doe at 23 yards the arrow passed through the animal and into the ground 2 inches and it went through 2 ribs so i think all the bull crap people say bout the need to shoot 85 grain tips and the lower draw weight is not true. just thought id say something lol everyone shoot stright and have a good year.
  14. I've used quite a few different broadheads...last yr I tried some spitfires for some late season does...I "field tested" em on 3 and they worked good...This yr I was back to fixed blades though becuase I didn't like having any doubt about penetration and performace...I've shot 4 so far this yr with 115 Grain muzzy 4 blds. and am about to declare them the best heads I've used....I've gotten complete pass thurs on does at 5, 10 and 35 yds and also on a 170# field dressed 10 pt. at 10 yds..All the arrows were buried in the ground on the other side...2 of the deer, the buck and one of the does left a blood trail a blind man coulda followed by feel...From now on I'm stickin with fixed bld. muzzys that way I have one less thing to worry about going wrong cause i can screw up enough things on my
  15. I use 100 gr. Thunderheads and don't want to change. I have killed several game animals from deer to groundhogs and never had a problem. So why change.;)
  16. I shoot both because I could not get the fixed to shoot god out of my crossbow...
    100 gr. Thunderheads with my HighCountry
    125 gr. SpitFire with the Horton

    No probs to date knock on wood!!!
  17. I'm not sure what kind I shoot, my dad just took them off some of his arrows, but seeing as how he got a pass-through, I think they work well enough. They are fixed.
  18. I'm shooting the new Montec G-5's. Fixed blades. These things seem nearly indestructable. They are a 1-piece stainless molded head, with blades that have very thick bases and taper towards the cutting edge. Pretty expensive head, but since they are re-sharpenable, I could see a person shooting 20+ deer with one head. I've got 4 this year on my current one.

    Before these, I shot Wasps Hammer SST's and was very happy with them. Fixed blade all the way. I've heard too many horror stories about mechanicals to even consider using them.