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Sunday morn., my son and I went to check out some public land to hunt . After doing lots of walking, and not hearing any birds, we got a little turned around and while figuring the best way back, came across a huge greenfield. I noticed something moving out in the field, the grass was a foot high or so, the movement was about 125yrds out from us.

At first we thought deer, then we both realized they were yotes. They were mousing, jumping up in the air, and prancing around like cats do. BUT the really cool thing was one of them was pure black!!!!! AND no, it wasnt a dog.... My son quickly popped a diaphram call in, and sent a series of yelps their way. Didnt get much interest, he yelped again, but nothing. Then he started clucking then purring. Within seconds, the tan one turned, and came running straight at us. WOW, we really didnt know what to do. Then the black came running in, a little farther back.

At about 40yrds they both slammed on the brakes and gave us a really COLD stair for about a minute. They must of realized we were some REALLY BIG turks, and took off running. We just sat there for awhile and reliving that moment. We have both shot yotes, but for some reason, this was just way cool.

We have committed ourselves to get both of them, but really want the black one, would make a really great mount.
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