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Intenet addiction

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by flathunter, Dec 22, 2002.

  1. I posted this on another forum awhile back:D I am totally addicted to internet. It started appx 3 years or so ago when I got my first pc.....And it has grown into a monster..Any free time I have when I am not working, or fishing is spent online...I dont even watch TV anymore...Lately I have been having trouble with my phone lines and at times I have had trouble getting online...I almost panic!!!!!....This is a grave illness and I fear there is no cure;)
  2. flat,i'm about the same way.but i'll tell you i wish they had the internet when i was in's a great learning tool for anything your wanting to know about.
    with the days of people writing letters being long gone,the internet is great for communicating with people too.
    it also helps when i'm looking into buying anything.i can research products, their prices,and get alot of personal opinions about that product.that saves me alot of time and money.
    i'm not into alot of these new techno gadgets but i do like my computer! gps is kind of handy too:D

  3. Ok heres the real test! Can you keep your cool when something is burned up (like a motherboard)? Mine broke under warantee, they said two weeks! I couldnt wait, drove down to comp usa got another ! I had to be online that day! I now have a backup! lol Glenn
  4. HUH?

    never knew and never wanted to know anything about them till less tha two years ago.after almost 6 months of watching tv following my release from the hospital and being permanently banned from working again,my brother gave me one and it's been downhill for me ever since:eek: :eek: :rolleyes: hardly see the tv anymore and when the puter crapped,the wife made me go out and buy a new one the next day.said something about "either that,or have you commited":eek: :D still don't know much about this thing,except i'd sure hate to go through that ordeal again:eek: :( it was tougher than the 8 days in the hospital:eek:
  5. Steve

    Steve Staff Member Admin Mod

    It's like crack, it keeps you coming back :)
  6. When I go to Mich. to visit my parents for the weeken I almost can't stand it. They don't have a computer, have to stop my self from finding the nearest library. I think by the time I return home I am one step away from shakes and cold sweats. I don't watch tv much anymore, I have it on in the front room with me but miss half of the stuff I am trying to watch.

  7. Steve I think sometimes it is worse than crack, but better than the idiot box (TV) This don't rot your brain quite as bad.
  8. That's true. i have been on line for about 8 years and just love spending my time on line to get caught up on what is going on in the outdoor world.:p
  9. bill g

    i know how you feel when you visit your parents(well almost)when i go to visit the kids in florida i have fits with my daughter-in-law's puter.she has a real slow dial up andearthlink browser(i hate that too)and to top it off,she has a wierd answering serve that denies access when there is a waing message.therefore,sometime i have to sit all day till she gets home to clear messages befor i can get online.i think she has had eneough of my grumbling about it christmas gift from her is going to be rr service for which will be active when i go down next time:D :D :cool: she made a point to call and let me know a couple days ago:Dnow i can reach out and touch you guys anytime i want,when i'm down there on my visits:cool:
  10. I could copy/paste flathunters post in here and it would describe me to a "T".

    I started about 4 years ago and got hooked. If I wasn't cleaning/organizing my lures or fishing, I was watching TV. Now I go for hours w/o even turning it on before I remember and even then it's mainly for background noise unless something comes on I like.

    I have even gone almost all day before w/o eating on some Saturday's because I was on the pc and didn't think of it. It's just sickening I tell ya. :eek:
  11. Same Here

    Same situation here,but Its all going to change/has been changing. You see I have a 5 month old daughter (our first) and she is the best. I used to be on the computer all day at work then all night when I get home from work, but that has been changing:D :D . Its true kids really do change your life.

  12. Yeah I know the feeling. Wont be too much longer there gonna want a puter too! Hand it down for a faster one! lol Glenn
  13. Sad but True

    Internet addiction can be viewed as kind of funny when we think about how much time ine spend on a computer. I know that I spend my fair share on line and would be lost without my laptop for access while traveling.

    For some people it is a very real and serious problem. My daughter, while it the last year of a very bad 8 year marriage, became completly addicted to the internet and chat rooms. I guess she was looking for some fulfillment she couldn't get from her husband. This addiction was so bad in her case that she began to reduce the attention paid to her two young girls to the point that she was actually neglecting thier needs.

    Long story short, after a long and ugly divorce and investigations by the court and mental evaluations my wife and I now have custody of our two grand daughters. Thier father lost custody because he was a pervert. My daughter, according to the court, lost custody primarily because of not paying enough attention to her girls. They were able to somehow extract history of times and hours spent on-line. Times of day that should have been reserved for taking care of her children she was on-line.

    I never really believed that an addition to the internet was really possible, but the judge told me this is becoming more and more common every year.

    My daughter has not been online in almost 18 months and continues in counseling to this day. The withdrawl for her intially was very ugly. She went from 12-14 hrs on-line a day to zero overnight, she was not fun to be around during this time.

    I only share this with you for you to realize that we can kid around about an internet addiction and most of us certainly are not nor ever will be actually addicted to the internet. To some it can be a real and serious addiction that can help affect a otherwise normal person to make some very poor choices.

  14. My wife hates the internet. She says I spend to much time on it.