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Indian Lake

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species Fishing' started by mrfish/OH, Dec 28, 2002.

  1. Rocky Fork Lake

    The bank by the dam
    Fishing off the dam.;)

  2. Paint Creek

    Spillway off the Dam
  3. Ohio river

    Below a grain barge, note the tilt as the front is getting a load !
    Spilt grain attracts baitfish & catfish, carp, etc.
  4. Warm Water Discharge

    This one is Little Three Mile Creek, where the former OH State record hybrid striped bass was caught ! Note the heron on the point
    Another view with a few boats too.
  5. Secret Musky spot

    I couldn't get you here again even under torture ! It was a real adventure !! Thanks, Tom !:p
    I took this on th eway, of the Scioto River........
  6. Looks like I hit

    New Thread on this one vs. Reply so I started a new thread when I was trying to have them on favorite spots. I didn't realize I had gone to so many places, and I left alot out too !! Still have to post CJ Brown, Lake Erie, Spring Valley, etc :)