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"Indian Creek Deer Camp"

Discussion in 'Deer Camp Talk' started by rjolenic, Dec 30, 2002.

  1. OK OLDHAT, I think you have our attention to this area and I personally would like to know more details about the possibilities of us getting together for that HALLOWEEN hunt. Let us know when you have more time to talk about it. It sounds like a great spot and a good time.

  2. I'm with ithoyt's, I'd like to have a little campfire pow-wow about this location. Maybe set some dates for scouting and a Halloween bowhunt.

  3. sounds like a plan .might come down myself .
  4. Hay oldhat i'm in thanks for the pm will be getting in touch.
  5. I'm in. Let me know when and where old hat and I'll see if I can get away for that weekend....... Halloween being my anniversary!
  6. Hey Oldhat where ya at? How about a spring scouting trip and maybe a weekend turkey hunt?
  7. Hey Guys where is Indian Creek Deer Camp.
  8. Have no clue there dear_ hunter i guess we will just have to wait and see next year.
  9. Caribou Dreamer2

    Q2XL said Indian Creek Deer Camp is in Wane National Forest.:D
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  10. i think thats what OLD HAT said it was in the wayne somewhere
  11. Well, Sorry for not getting back quickly (ya know with the holidays and such).

    But anyway, the area is in "Southern Ohio". My first concern would be how far you guys have to drive? Is that a problem?

    If you guys have a map to look at, here is the general area I am referring to:

    Find Chillicothe on the Map (below Columbus On Rt 23) From Chillicothe, you'll take rt 35 towards Jackson From Jackson You'll take rt 93 towards Oakhill. (It takes about 1 hr to get to where we'd be hunting from Chillicothe).

    It's deep in the heart of the Wayne and is called the "waterloo" section of the Wayne. It's all dirt roads and hilly terrain. Lots of deer and some good ones to boot.

    Sure, a turkey hunt wouldn't be out of the question. Or a late season hunt either (this year for deer before season goes out).

    Also, Like I mentioned before, if you like the area and want to hunt it other times, don't worry about me, have at it. I think that most of you will be impressed with the "wilderness and vastness" of this''s freaking huge! You can pretty much drive around on the dirt roads for an hour or so and not leave the "wayne". This place does see gun season pressure, but not a lot of bow pressure. The one hollow that is called "Buffalo Indian Creek" that we'd set up camp in is a few miles long (dead end dirt rd). You can drive about 1.5-2 miles into the hollow before the road dead-ends. At the back of the hollow and on the ridge, there is another dirt rd, so if you don't like thumping up hills in the morning, a 15 minute drive can get you up on the ridges at the back of the hollow.

    Although you won't have a cabin to stay in like at Zaleski, I will say that you'll see much more deer. I'd say that you'll ALL have several opportunities to take a doe and a few chances to take a buck. I know the area and know of at least 6-8 productive stand sites that you'll see deer from every day. I know 2-4 more stand sites where you may not see as many deer, but if you do, it will be a good buck.

    If a few of you want to drive down and check it out and do some "snoopping" around, let me know. Bring a pair of light weight boots that won't rub blisters on your feet, and we can walk all day!

    2 boys from Penn contacted me last year on "the other site" and they came down and we thumped the hills for about 8 hours. It took them about 6.5 hours to drive here, and they were impressed, although they couldn't make it back to hunt this year, I made 2 pretty good friends out of it and enjoyed meeting fellow bowhunters and "shooting the $hit".

    I hunted the Indian Creek area for 4 or 5 years and seen plenty of good bucks. I was younger then, and didn't have much patience in hunting properly, so I never took any trophy bucks from the area. My father took 4 bucks from one stand location in 4 years and one buck in perticular was a "good un".

    As far as the bucks goes, there is one set of genetics in the area that produces a nice low wide spread and the brow tines have the same length as the other tines. One 8 pt my father took had 8 inch brows and and the rest of the tines were the same (well within 1/2 inch), I been thinking about that area a lot lately and have been contemplating "trophy" hunting it myself just due to the style of the racks.

    Well, I am rambling on here.

    If one of you wants to contact me and chat some, give me a yell....PM me and I'll give you the toll free number at my business and you can give me a yell there.

  12. Oh, I forgot to mention that the county I'll be showing you guys around in has roughly 70k acres of public hunting...need I say more?

  13. Also, if you guys are serious about coming down, I'd suggest we get you at least one or 2 sets of topographical maps of the area. These maps can be purchased through the ODNR and are either $6 or $8 each. You'll probably need 3 in each set (6 total) for the entire area. The maps to get are the ones that show private and public boundary lines (i can tell you what quads to buy for the area). Private property is mixed in areas, for instance, the "wayne" is not continious you might have 10k acres of land and 8k is public and 2k is private, so the private vs public topo maps are a great help. IF your anything like me, I sometimes am driving down a dirt rd, see a ridge or point and say "man that looks like a good spot", so with the map you can take a look and see if it is private or public. I am sure once you guys see the area, you'll be over-whelmed with how big it is and want to check it all out...well, that will never happen and a topo can help you pin-point the ridges and saddles to help locate deer.

    The area I am speaking of (Indian Creek) only has one area that is private, and the boundaries are pretty simply to see. (this private property is pretty much a finger hollow off the main hollow).

    I can also give you a "crash-course" on hunting "big woods" and "hills". This will be my 19 th year of bowhunting Southern Ohio, so I can help you guys with any questions about hunting "big wooded hilly areas". There are a few basic things to "live by" when hunting the "hills", and if a guy can follow a few rules, more than likely he'll see plenty of deer.


  14. I know right where your talking about. It would take roughly 2-1/2hrs. to get there from my house. Thats not to bad considering thats what it takes to get to Lake Hope. This place sounds like a litlle piece of heaven. Camping in a pine thicket way back off the road, deer out the wazoo. What more could a guy ask for?! I think we should try a Turkey hunt/ scouting trip combo for a weekend. That would be a blast!

    Lets start talking dates and times so we can set this in stone. I'm getting all pumped just thinking about the scouting trip!

    Just let me say thank you Oldhat, for inviting us down to your old stomping grounds. I know I appreciate it and I also know the other fella's do also.
  15. Man that sounds awesome,The camp thing is on and the turkey hunt is on also would love to bag a bird.We are all heading down to zalaski again for a all day hunt the third week in jan.maybe we can meet with you instead of hunting zalaski, will see what the other guys want to do.As for the cabins that doesn't other me but might some of the other guys it seems they like the comforts of home.thanks again and like spitfire said lets post some date here so we can get this ball rolling.thanks again for inviting us down.
  16. Well, let's work out a date?

    Here is my schedule (you guys are gonna like this)

    1.) I own a business and work there all the time
    2.) I am an engineer and I work for a company all the time
    3.) I have a 3 year old and am married (lots of time)
    4.) Outside of bowhunting, the only other thing I do is GOLF, and come spring to Septemeber, I play a lot of tourny's over 3 states
    on most weekends.

    SO, here is is, let's set a date to scout or to Turkey hunt (I'll admit I am not much a turkey hunter, so don't expect much..there is a pot load of birds in that area though) and we'll go from there. If any of you want to meet me sometime, then we can head out. If you guys want to do it in a week or so that is fine also.
    IF a few of you want to bring your self-climbers and hunt before the season is out, that is fine also (it's in zone C) but this time of year is hard hunting and I can't guareentee what we will see!

    IF you a few of you want to "pre-scout"/check out the area, then let's do it before "warm weather" sets in. OR we can do a turkey hunt once season rolls in.

    You guys let me know what type of schedule that would fit and we can go from there.

    Oldhat (aka Jesse)
  17. Hey guys I was wondering if I could possibly get in on your Indian creek deer camp. I hunted the Wayne south of Nelsonville this year so I am familiar with type terrain and everything Old Hat described about the Wayne is on the money.
    Couple Questions
    Are you guys tent camping in the Wayne? I have camper I pull and much prefer to use it. If I can get it into area Old Hat made it sound pretty rough. I have done backcountry Elk hunting and I get roughing it out of my system fast.
    When and how many days?
  18. Aim,

    Sure, your invited, actually everyone from here (OHIOSPORTSMAN.COM) is welcome to come.

    Yeah, you can get a camper in there. The dirt Rd isn't too bad on the way in.

    The place where the pines for camping under (I prefer to pitch a tent under pines, gives good protection from the elements) is located where the dirt rd ends that goes up the hollow, so a camper wouldn't make it to the pines, but right up to the creek that borders the pines, so you'd be right there. (the ODNR took out the bridge back about 10 years ago that allowed access further up into the hollow, the dirt rd continues up the hollow to "the left" and leads to an old barn about 1/2 mile up. The hollow to the right (the hollow "y's" at the pines) has an old rail bed where the DT & I railroad used to come through. In that hollow if a you want to walk another mile, you'll come to the old railroad tunnel. Only good thing up in there around the caved in entrance to the tunnel is copper heads!

    Like you, I'd rather sleep in a camper but my sister sold hers, so either I will buy one, or pitch my tent.

    This area can hold plenty of bow hunters for a few days. Some of us will have to get in our vehicles and drive back down the hollow to spread ourselves out a bit, but there is plenty of room! Wouldn't be any problem getting 20-30 guys in there hunting with bows and not bother each other. Sure, some places you'd be within a few 100 yards of each other, but that's not too much of a problem while bowhunting if 2 guys work together in their set-up and know what they are doing not to spook deer.

    Once a few fellas decide to "make it a camp", we can switch areas and move up on the dirt rd/ridge at the back of the hollow if we decide to, whomever scouts it out with me can look at the entire area and access and we can decide the best place to camp. It would be easy walking to hunt if some prefer. The ridge line runs for about 2 miles or so, and you could "pick a spot" off the road to walk down a point and hunt. THe gun hunters have already established nice little pull off spots that they camp at that could be used up there on the ridges.

    I will say that the closest store or gas station is probably 5-10 miles away, and the closest "fast-food" place is atleast 30 minutes, so you better "pack a lunch".

    I feel sorry for the deer though, get at least 10 guys and we'll have to establish a nice tree to hang them in! I know I'd at least take 2 doe over a 2-3 day hunting period, that is if she is facing back down towards the camp when the shot presented itself..heheheeh

    The area is not that "rough", but it might be to some, I was raised in the area and started hunting when I was 12, so maybe I am used to it, some of you might think it is. It's hilly though, but nice ridges and points covered in Oaks. the bottoms are all in Walnut trees and White Pine that the ODNR planted.

    Back on the main ridge, I know of a spot where 2 natural springs come out of the hill, the deer have it wallowed down and muddy 12 months outta the year, lotta doe and small buck action in there, so you doe hunters could hit that spot hard if you want.

    Like I said, it's a nice area to hunt, and some of you guys from The Northern and Central Part of the State probably never had a chance to head down and hunt much on the wayne, this would be a good chance for you guys to "check it out". I look at it kinda like this, I have always wanted to catch some of those "small jaws " on lake Erie, but to take a boat and drive up there, I wouldn't even know where to start, I am sure some of you feel the same way about hunting in Southern Ohio, but if you have a fella to "point you in the right direction", it isn't so bad.