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Increased Predator population means No effect on deer numbers?

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by .300Ultra, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. I didn't see this posted anywhere on here but I just read the Ohio blog on and was alittle surprised by this entry:

    "There have been reports recently of increased bobcat and black bear sightings in Eastern Ohio. In fact, hunters have gotten trail cam pictures of bears in June and even November. Along with a flourishing coyote population, this potential rise in predator numbers has many people thinking it could harm the deer population. This however, is not the case.
    Mike Tonkovich of the Ohio DNR said that while these predators do kill deer (especially newborn fawns), they do not have significant effects on the population. In fact, a recent study showed that coyotes didn't take any more fawns than automobiles. He also said that Ohio’s annual deer harvest is increasing, even with a high coyote population. Tonkovich said that it is possible for bear and bobcat numbers to be on the rise, without it hurting the deer population. Keep in mind that bobcats and black bears are both endangered and protected species that are managed by the DNR, so the best thing to do if you see either of these animals is to report it to them."

    To me the fact about coyotes not killing anymore than automobiles seems completely absurd. I see it as coyote kills plus automobile kills are more than just automobile kills alone? And Tonk says the deer kills are on the rise?
  2. Bull. I realize the DNR is in place for a reason but its just disappointment after disappointment these days. 10 years ago they said coyotes didn't kill deer at all.

  3. Sounds like a politician.

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  4. I can call bs, last year my heard was decent, a big bachelor group with does and fawns, this season squat!!! The yote numbers are huge and a proven fact I went to check a cam and found 2 dead fawns, so I'm gonna wipe out the yotes. Couple dozen snares should thin them out
  5. My uncle owns a 350 acre farm in east central ohio and we have seen an increased number of coyotes the last few years. We still have a large deer herd but we kill coyotes at every given opportunity. They are a pain in the a**.
  6. Some people still have groundhogs in their area...we don't. Our deer numbers (regardless of what the DOW states) are way down in this area as well. It is not just too liberal bag limits, it is lack of fawn recruitment due to predation. Healthy adult does have two or sometimes three fawns a year. These days by the time hunting season starts, you are likely to see doe groups of three adults with one fawn in tow. Years ago that would have not been the case.
  7. Deehntr56

    Deehntr56 Staff Member Mod

    Several studies have been conducted over the years, and fawn mortality is high where coyote populations are doing well-this is just one study of many with similar results.
  8. Not sure the reason why the ODNR is ignorning the decrease in deer numbers. The public land I hunt has no where near the numbers it once held and yet we still hand out tags like it was nothing.
    If coyotes kill the same as car hits, then thats double the normal kill rate. I might be wrong but wasnt the last 2 season totals down?
    They really need to get their head out of their_ before we visit the deer herd of the 60's and 70"s.
  9. Schu72

    Schu72 Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    I wonder how old Mike T's quote was. Our harvest number have decreased the last 3 years, not increased.
  10. I don't think cars account for a 75 percent mortality rate on any population of deer!
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  11. The best advice I can give is kill these suckers whenever you get the opportunity.
  12. Deehntr56

    Deehntr56 Staff Member Mod

    Couldn't have stated it any better-
  13. i'm with tonk...he knows more than you all lumped together 10 times...anyway...its up to hunters to get out and shoot you expect the odnr or tonk to do that for you...go get them coyotes and quit complainin...geeze...:biggrin:
  14. Yep. When was the statement made?

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  15. Half true.

    The DNR does a decent job but you have a little too much faith in what they say Coon. Dont believe what you hear all the time.

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  16. My thought exactly
    Im sure he does know more....The fact is he doesnt tell us what he really knows,he tells us what he wants us to know.....

    Anyone who says/or believes more predators would not kill more prey is a flat out idiot!..Maybe even the predators are having trouble killing deer,due to deer numbers:mischeif: ODNR is no different then politician at this point....
    Guess obama knows more about how to run a country then all us put to together to right?..He said the economy is better.So since he is in charge he must know what the heck is is talking about right?
    Same concept CORNskinner
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  17. ha ha ha...what are you doing about the coyote pop.or are you just hunting deer...:mischeif:i bet more fawns and button bucks are kilt by hunters than coyotes...and anybuddy here go up against tonk one on one will get their lunch givin to them...seen it to many times...he knows what he,s talking about...he knows whats best in the whole picture,you guys complainin here just see it from a deer ell with everythang else it will be to illiminate all the coons and squirrells or anythang that eats from the feeder other than deer...its coyotes,its the neighbor,its the farmer,its the gun hunter(driver)...and non res. are still busting over our borders yr.after yr...oh i forgot theyre one of the blames too...:nono:complain complain...i like to see just one of you take him on one on one...maybe youll learn somethang...heh heh heh...the pop. is down because thats the plan...if you have no deer than go see them and convince them to look into it...i've seen this happen more than once and i've seen changes made...where its really go and kill some yourself...:biggrin:...:biggrin:
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  18. i know i have a yote problem. deer seem to be doing good but i still see less and less fawns. last year was a good year for yotes in my area (ashtabula). they had an easy winter. im hoping this year i can bag a couple. people think you can just go out and kill the buggers and thats not true. id say its harder then deer hunting. theres a reason there the top dog in the woods cause they arent stupid. ive only seen a few and ive heard allot more. ive seen what they can do in my area. they can eat a whole 200+ lb buck in less then a night. this year im going to hunt yotes more then deer and im hoping i can get it under control. i just hope we get some good snow this year unlike last. look at what utah just did. $50 for each yote. now that would solve the problem.:yikes:
  19. Tonk0 needs to have the wildlife officers count roadkill yotes every other month. that way he would have real time data on skyrocketing yote numbers.
  20. he lives out in the middle of nowhere where its common to hear the yipping and yowling and howling...actually it where i first heard coyotes and i thought it really neat...:D