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In Fishermen Catfish insider is out!

Discussion in 'Ohio Catfish Anglers' started by flathunter, Dec 23, 2002.

  1. Just got my copy of the new Insider, looks like alot on lake cattin this year:( Oh well that is what I need to learn more of:)
  2. I may just have to pick that one up, thanks. Can always use more lake cat information as I don't get to fish rivers very often.


  3. Dont waste your time, I just got done with it and it is sorry to say the least.
  4. Hey Jack

    LOL..LOL...HAHAHAHA..Buddy after awhile its only fun to check out the pictures, once ya learn so much..those mags. only talk basics..nothing more to learn but "SPEND TIME ON THE WATER".
    You can only get so much from them books and mags. then it all just becomes the same old same old ya know?
    If ya want to just check out some action..there new tapes are worth the price($9.95 for video members) I have about 25 tapes of thiers now and love them..when the TV gets boring and nothing happening on the net..ive always got some tapes to kick back and watch.
    Next year my buddys and i are going to take the video camera and start capturing our trips on film..that way we can have fun watching them during the "cold times" of the season.;) :D
  5. Actually I liked the "Other" cover.

    They wanted me to write an article, about cold water bluecats. I declined for the same reason Flats declined writing his article about smallies. I don't want everyone fishing in my spots !!;)

    I sure did like the cover they ran by me !! Tasteful don't you agree ?? Hey like it?? Does that "top" it? ;) Maybe it's over the top.:D :eek:
  6. JIM

    Man all i can do is sit back and laugh...its just good to know that there is someone else out there just as insane(if not more?) than i am:eek: ;) :D
  7. Nah flats.....

    You take 1st place honors in THAT department !!:D :D :D
    I have no problem conceding that to you........:eek: :confused:
  8. I have to disagree

    Ya sure dont see me putting any of my pics on In-Fisherman mag. covers with my photo shop ..heck i havent even posted one picture on this

    The first step to recovery Jim is admitting ya got a problem, dont worry we are here for ya
  9. I see pictures now....

    All over the photo new photo gallery.
    Step # 1 . We admitted we didn't know how to upload pictures to this site.
    #2. Came to believe that Angelfire has a conspiracy to prevent us from displaying our pictures !!:eek: :eek:

    I could go on, but the when we were wrong, we promptly admitted it.
    How do you think I've been free of alcohol since 7-28-76 ?? ;)

    Looks like I have to cough up $25.00 for extra space to post my pictures, I make them small so they don't use alot of space, but they are BIG fish & lots of them !!:eek:
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    Jim...#1 i already knew angelfire was JUNK..but it was FREE(the reason i have 3 web sites) but very soon i'll have my own domain name and will combine all 3 sites(redone of course) and will add other species to the new site.
    Yup i put up some pics. finally...but i tried to cove MANY species instead of postin all catfish ones...Multi-species,
    Cant wait to see your web site..should be very
  11. cool

    All we need to do now is take the address of the pic we have uplpaded at Ohio Sportsman, and post it in a thread "and we have pictures".....I will probably just use my space for uploading pics I want to post in a message...Then after a few days or weeks delete them, and make room for more.
  12. Scott

    Nothing wrong with Angelfire. I just knew that's the real reason why you weren't posting them. I bet your isp has about 10 MB of free space for you too. I know mine does, I store as much as 15 MB before they cut me off, then I delete some & put up the new. I also host my Ebay pictures there & then use html to post them in the auction, when it's over & paid, I delete them.:)
  13. I don't even waste my time buying there catfish insider, it seems they repeat the same articles and some of the same pictures.
  14. Movies


    I just started taking movies of my fish this year.
    Maybe I can get more creative from now on but I got some nice little movies this year.


    They are to short to film the fish fighting cause most of my fish take from 20 to 45 minutes to land. Also having trouble shooting mpegs at night.
  15. I have a very slow dial up isp...So I dont even try to watch any of these things:(