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I'm sick of this kid!

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by BottomBouncer, Jan 6, 2003.

  1. No matter what is going on Maurice (cry-baby) Clarett can't seem to keep his mouth shut! It seems he just wants his name in the paper. First he goes on about not being able to come home for a funeral, now he wants to play defense too. On ESPN.COM after the game he said "none of this matters to me, I just want to go home." WHAT IS THAT CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!

    They need to get rid of this kid or have a serious talk with him. They won half the games this season without me he is just an upappreciative, self-centered punk!!!!!!!!! He doesn't deserve to play for OSU.
  2. I think the espn magazine article got to his head when he was thinking of trying to enter the nfl draft. It sad because he is a good player but once they think they are it and it goes to their head, its a bad thing. He will be like Terrel Owen (its all about me)

  3. I have been keeping up on this, I hope Tressle kicks him off the team next year:mad:
  4. Don't think Maurice Clarett is the 1st player to act this way... Coach will be able to handle it and then some... Also I saw where Maurice had an interview here in Cleveland with a local news show and denied the espn story and also said he was at OSU for all 4 years... Only time will tell and we're all the better with him so I can handle whatever he dishes out as long as he performs up to his standards :D
    Don't forget Robert Smith was even worse then Maurice is now!!!
  5. I just can't seem to understand the reasoning.......they just win a National Championship......and he wants to go home?

    In one of my classes today(@OSU) somehow they related the discussion to the game. This was in a hall/auditorium that holds over 600......they turn on the projector and show the last Miami was great! One player was in the class too......everyone was into it.

    And little Maurice just wants to go home?
  6. Amen atrkyhntr

    Another Robert Smith is what I've been thinking all along
  7. He is a Cancer to the team, if he does not get kicked off I at least hope he gets an attitude adjustment
  8. Tressel is a great coach and will get the most out of all of his players that he can. I believe that he will straighten the young man out and teach him a little about life and what it's really about (through football). He did make a hell of a strip on that one interception though. If anyone can help the kid, it's Tressel .... now he is the MAN !

  9. I'm sure gonna miss it when football is over for the season.....

    What am I gonna watch now? Basketball:confused: :eek: :eek: c'mon warm weather!
  10. I know Robert Smith and have talked to him while he was a star for the vikings.For those that have read things about people ,you really need to meet them and get to know them before passing judgement.Sure Robert was snotty as a fereshman and soph. at Ohio state but he turned that around as he got older.Whats not known is robert cont. college on off season with minn.I do not know Clarett but there is a good chance he'll change too as he grows older.Only time will tell
  11. In my opinion maurice clarette is extremely over rated. OSU's backups were no worse than he was. Mark my words MC's college career will be littered with injuries. He will never last. There is no way he could last going both ways. I will give him this though, on paper he is a beast. He benched 390 in highschool. He may have a mean stiff arm but he wont last in the nfl against 300 lbs. defensive linemen that are almost as fast as he is.