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I'm sick of the cold & the River conditions !

Discussion in 'Ohio Catfish Anglers' started by mrfish/OH, Jan 3, 2003.

  1. I'm running away tomorrow. That's a double edge sword for some of you guys....glad to be rid of me for 5-6 days but you have to be envious too !! We're leaving for Santee Cooper Lake Marion at 7:00AM tomorrow morning !! This will be both our first times there. We're taking my boat & Dave's truck ( 2002 4WD Chevy Diesel king cab) Dave has to be back by next Sat, we're planning on leaving Wed AM to return, but we might fish Wed too & come back Friday;) It was 58 there today. Bluecats are on a feedbag eating the shad stacked up on the dam ( Marion) We were going to rent a pontoon, but for $100/day, we'll haul mine instead and stay longer !:D
  2. Hope you do well, and post plenty of pics when ya get back

  3. come on Jack

    "post plenty of pics when ya get back'...Your talking about JIM...he'll post pictures of ANYTHING you know he'll have about 50 to post when he gets back!!:eek: ;)
    Jim, watch out for those;)
    If your talking about the Pinellas(sp?) dam, your in the right spot..too bad i didnt figure that out BEFORE i went down there in the middle of a bad drought last year:mad:
  4. Yes please post the pics. And for the measure, I'm sick of the cold too.
  5. This aint right, Jim is fishing for Cats right now...I am on the puter, stinkin Ohio weather:(
  6. Somehow I doubt he'll have a Santee Pooper.
  7. I had some nachos.........then I had a Stinky Pooper!!!! Does that count?
  8. well guys

    I recommend IF any one does head down there...dont go during the HEAT of the summer, DONT fish the canals because of snakes and gators(big gators) from the bank at night, make sure you got a boat..Jim and Jigger should have a good time..a boats the only way to hit that big place right!
    Good luck Jim!