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"Ignored Member"

Discussion in 'Forum - Website Problems' started by Wildlife, Mar 11, 2018 at 2:05 PM.

  1. Something rather strange and bizarre is happening on this site and I've seen this more than a few times recently.

    From time to time while viewing the 'Latest Post' from the 'Home' page, whether I'm signed in or not, I can clearly see in the 'Last Message' column an "Ignored Member" listed, and yet I don't have anybody listed in my "Ignore Member" option nor have I ever.

    I suspect that I'm not the only one that catches this happening from time to time. No question it's a problem and most definitely it's disrespectful to the participating member if in fact the whole wide world can see this, like any guest.

    Can someone explain why this is happening?

    Photograph captured of an example just a few moments ago while I was not signed in:
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  2. I seen that also. Before I signed in it showed ignored member and then when I signed in it showed a persons name I am ignoring when it should say ignored and then ignored member again when I changed pages. Have you checked your settings to see if you maybe accidently ignored someone? Probably the same issue with the pictures! seems whoever is running the tech part of it is dropping the ball.

  3. I most definitely checked my options before I made this thread and no, I would never "accidently ignore someone", thank you!
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