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"Identity Theft"

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Erie, Dec 28, 2002.

  1. "Identity Theft"

    I had a credit card number stolen last October. The company caught it at the time it was used IN AUSTRALIA to charge $5K worth of computer equipment and software online. We don't know how the theft of the number occurred because it was a card that I had not used for about 6 months prior to the theft ... and I had not lost the card nor my wallet.
    There is a site called Below is a note from one of my old high school classmates about that site. You might want to follow up on it. Access the site, use the search function to see if you are in the database. Then go back to the start and click on "privacy" and follow the instructions to delete your information if you are concerned about identity theft. Be sure to look up your information after a few minutes following the delete to make sure it has truly been removed.

    Searched and found many classmates listed there. You might advise everyone that they really do need to check it. One of the classes that I teach is on ID Theft and this is one of the first sites that people visit to start a process of ID theft. There are many others but this one makes it very easy. With a name and a birthday you can get the social security number and it snow balls from there. Average time before someone realizes their ID has been stolen is one year.
  2. :eek: Amazing how people do that. Thats why I'm always afraid of when putting info on or buying on the internet.

  3. That link did not work ole master linker:D
  4. Yep, been there, had it happen to me. :(

    Erie -- If you put your name in a search engine such as

    I think you would be surprised at what you will find on the www about you.

    Good Luck, hope everything go's well in gettin this taken care of.
    It's a big pain in the #&% --- Rump.
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  5. Good thing I am boring, nobody wants to be me or cares to know anything about me. lol I put my name in both and came up with notta. That's a good thing I guess.

  6. I am boring too. Found only one reference and it was 3 years old.
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