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Identify these antlers.

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Buckrun, Dec 27, 2002.

  1. What type of deer are these antlers from?[​IMG]

  2. question.were they were mounted backwards and on the wrong side?:D but they definately look like they're from a whitetail.
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  3. I would agree, whitetail, backwards it looks like
  4. Keep trying!:D I saw some of these on full mounts at Cabelas in Dundee MI. I think they are from Europe.
  5. Getting closer:rolleyes: I think.
  6. We have a winner. :D I bought these off of Ebay a few years ago. I couldn't find anybody that could tell me what type of deer they were from. I saw them in Cabelas last summer.
  7. Let's keep this going. Name the deer, and yes this is a deer.

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  8. I'll bet it is chineese.
  9. Looks small and strange, must be a Michigan deer. AKA a whiperine
  10. I have never seen one like that. Is it from Europe or South America?
  11. Might be European Roe

    They look similar to our RÅDJUR they got up to 8-10 inch high antlers &up to 4 points on each stag
  12. size of Rådjur

    about 4ft high&weighs approx 60 lbs if its a buck
  13. Thats some small deer. I guess you could kill one , field dress it and throw it in your back pack and your on your way.;)
  14. There are about 7 different kinds of Chinese deer I think. I wasn't sure which one it was. When I saw the tusk I thought it was chinese I haven't seen those on any other kind of deer.