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I keep hearing rumors......

Discussion in 'Questions about Ohio Hunting/Fishing Laws' started by BottomBouncer, Jan 3, 2003.

  1. about the dnr allowing us to use rifle during deer season next year, as long as it shoot straight walled cartridges(45-70, .44, .357, etc.) Have you guys heard of this?

    I can't seem to understand what the problem would be? I don't think there is a reel logical reason why we should not be allowed to use them?
  2. We already had the highest deer harvest ever and have had accidents. Think about guns that shoot farther. I don't think this is a solution to our problem.

  3. I haven't heard that. You can only shoot straight walled cartridges in hand guns. My dad has a .45-70 handgun. But with this power why not just use a rifle?:p
  4. Hey lureboy, did you think about that before you posted?

    We already allow handguns.........they shoot the same rounds, black powder guns shoot at higher velocities and have greater accuracy and distance!!!!!!!!! Many sabot slugs will travel for great distances.
  5. Ok well how bout saying I don't think that will solve our problems.

    Man i used to love to deer hunt years ago..i even have a good bunch of private land to do it on....gun hunters in Ohio are CRAZY nuts dude...sounds like WWIII in the woods for a week!!
    Figure this, most guys from the city only shoot thier deer guns ONCE a week per year..they dont take the time to practice or get to know the GAME, when deer season comes they take a week off of work and go out with one thing in mind..KILLING something!! Why do you think we always have accidents every year? Cause they dont LOOK and pay attention before pulling the trigger...
    Now with the slug guns we have nowadays and muzzel loaders that will shoot easily out to 130 yrs with good accuracy throw in riffles like W.Va. you just opened that DANGER zone up to.300-500 yrds depending on gun and area being hunted..NO WAY!!

    I was under the impression that the reason WE are not allowed to use higher powered riffles was because of the flat land here in Ohio along with the amount of people per area...unlike Ky or W.Va. where they have more mountains and hills and a scattered pop. of people?
    I think riffle hunting in Ohio would be bad and i think the number of hunters killed by "accident" would double easily(if not tripple).
    They only allow hand guns in certain cals. because they dont travel as far and are only accurate and short range....think about the same idiots that dont shoot thier guns for the whole year except that one let them use a 300win. mag.?
    Its bad enough during that season already that i dont even fish during that week because of the DANGER of being "accidently" shot, even if the fish are hitting REAL good and i can fish private lands that dont alow hunting..guys still find a way illegally on these lands!
    You've seen the guys im talking about, right before gun season, they go to wally world or k-mart and buy about 10 boxes of slugs(cause they will use ALL of them!) then meet up with the boys for a week of drunkin hunting..sad!
    Yip hee sounds like fun:rolleyes:
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  7. High Powered rifles? I'm talking about .357, .44mag, 45-70, etc. Lever action, falling block, single shot.......

    High Powered, shoots a mile would be the 30-06, .300 win. mag, .243, things like that......

    I'm not saying that allowing straight walled rifles would solve any problem, I'm saying it would not create any problem. Like I said, the black powder rifles out now will out shoot many high powered......some with up to a 2600fps......and that's a .50cal!!!!!!
  8. I'd rather not lump all hunters into one nice neet little package as a few here have suggested. 99% or better are high quality people rich make them high quality hunters. Not all fisherman leave the banks full of garbage and bait containers so lets not lump everyone together.
    My thoughts are this on rifles... if its not broke don't fix it and right now are gun regulations are doing very well... Deer harvest are up and gun related accidents are not on the rise.
    As far as a rifle shooting farther well yes they do but unless aiming up the hill or over it or anywhere when pointing the rifle at an upward point before pulling the trigger the line of fire will not go much farther when pointed straight and most rifle bullets unlike slugs would break apart when hitting something as simple as a small branch or bush branch. I have hunted many areas where rifles are allowed, Pa/Wv/Mich/out west and there are nomore accidents there then here. I have hunted areas in Pa where there are more humans in the area then here in Ohio.
    I hope I am not coming across wrong here there are many dangers and variables in either case but lets go the norm here and not do allot of "what if's" for a good discussion ;)
    I'll tell you all this much I quit hunting WV not because of the dangers of high powered rifles but because in the spring while calling gobblers to shotgun range I'd hear someone within the immediate area let loose with a rifle and shut down the whole mountain :( "SIGH"
  9. I'm not saying it's broke......not even saying to fix anything, just modify a 350sbc......yeah it's fast and runs great.....but add some headers and a new exaust......make it better.

    The only thing the dnr would be changing is barrel length. A few more inches and you have a rifle. We can already shoot the rounds.
  10. You would not believe the ammount of guys from the big city's that show up down here in the sticks come gun season....I dont really enjoy the deer shotgun season, but it is necessary to controll the deer herd
  11. I will agree with the other gentleman its not fair to lump all gun hunters in one basket and label them morons, I believe the only 2 fatalities we had this year during deer season were done with bows, I think people that hunt are getting a bad rap in general...we are all considered dumb,drunken rednecks, running wild through the countryside hell bent on destruction, in my opinion a good part of the accidents that have occured the last few years have been caused by people who got careless while loading or unloading a weapon or with there safety and shot themselves in the foot or leg...not guys downing a 6 pack before heading out and shooting towards somebodies house or towards a road etc, even though there is the occasional idiot who make the thousands of hunters here in Ohio look bad by a single act of lunacy, I myself have have been hunting for 22 years now and I have never to my knowledge done anything unsafe, I have never been drunk in the field or with a gun, I rarely drink period, thats why it yanks my chain when people refer to all hunters...especially gun hunters as being dangerous, there are many a slob fisherman out there who trash our banks, abuse privelages given to them by gracious landowners, and basically SH#T all over our waterways...but those are the few...not the many, I never have thought about useing a 44,357,45LC out of a rifle for deer...but why not? its the same round, its not going to have any more distance out of a rifle than a handgun, it might be a bit more accurate, you can use TCs for deer as long as its in a legal caliber, TCs have barrels as long as 14", a Winchester or Marlin lever guns barrel might be 20", apples and oranges as far as I am concerned, but who knows what the ODNR will say?
  12. Lets say for $hits and giggles they do allow rifles... what about the slugguns and their limit of only being able to hold 3 shells? Can't plug a rifle unless its loaded into a tube feed :confused:
    I like where we're at now... my mossburg bolt action will shoot thru a site vice 4" group at 150 yards everytime... most times 3" groups... more gun then I'll even need here in Ohio as I shoot under 100 yards easy with 75% of my shots under 50 yards.
    I think we're better deer hunters using slugguns simply because we've used bow hunting techniques to have closer shots then our rifle friends who sit many times where they can shoot out to 200+ yards;)
  13. Personally it doesnt really matter to me, I planned to use my Smith&Wesson 44 mag this last year, but it fell through and I wasnt able to make it out, I had a Winchester model 94 Trapper years ago in 44 mag and that dang thing kicked like a mule, I hope to make it out this year and more than likely will be useing a handgun, but if there are people out there who really want to use a lever gun in a legal caliber then I cant really see what the harm would be, but thats not my choice to make.
  14. i dont know about you all but i like my 870 12g. i like to get as close to the game as i can. thats what make shotgun hunting fun any one can get a rifle and pic. off a deer at 200yrd. i like to get them with in 50yrd. and i dont think im alone on this are you all with me?
  15. A Winchester 94 in 44 mag is not going to have the same distance as a Remington 700 in 30-06, from what I have seen of slug guns lately they are probably more accurate than a Winchester Carbine chambered in a handgun caliber, but when all is said and done it doesnt make any difference to me as Im not a big fan of those kind of rifles anyway, Im more into handgun hunting these days.
  16. I think I would use a 45-70 or 30-30.......probably the 45......don't have to worry about them getting up after that kinda hit.