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Took my wife out this morning. Set up in a great spot. Birds hammering all around. while we are getting settled in (a little late maybe 0625) I look and see a pair of toms strutting in a tree 60 yds from us. The way the hill laid they were at eye level. Beautiful sight! The light was shining throug one of the big strutting tom's fan. Well at 0628 the first one flys down behind us. I know its gonna circle and come right in front of us at 30 yds- perfect. SPIT SPIT SPIT....i look and there is a tom is half strut at 8 yards to my wife's left. The other 2 birds are now strutting at 15 and 20 yds, respectively. "Shoot it! shoot it!" I said. The words i wanted to say were "when he stops and sticks his neck up, shoot him." but all that came out was "shoot it!". the bird is between 3 and 5 yds away- BOOM! Two brids fly off one stumbles and flys into a tree 60 ys away. The stumbling either came from being hit with a wad or just plain having the crap scared out of it- no feathers, no blood, nuthin! I watched the tom in the tree for 20 minutes and no sign of any damage- in fact, we went to cahse another bird and with 20 more minutes he was gobbling his head off.

I guess no harm done, I just feel bad for telling her to rush a shot, on a moving bird that close. Any turkey hunter knows a 5 yd or under shot is a toughy. Gonna try again tommorrow. **sigh**
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