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my buck tag on the way home from lunch today. I had just crossed Brokensword Road on Bethel when I looked to the right & saw a buck running hell bent for leather across a wheat field on an angle towards the road. He ran faster the closer he got to the road. It looked like the number 32 on his side so I’ll call him TreVeyon. THE OSU fans will understand that reference. It seemed like he planned to meet me on the road, which is what would have happened if I hadn’t of slowed down.

He crossed the road about 20’ in front of me, did a little slip on the edge of the road, maintained balance, hit the field, & dropped down into the waterway. I didn’t see if or where he came out. He was a decent buck with at least 8 points on a nice rack. If he’s not more careful, he may not make it to gun season.
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