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This was spurred by another thread so lets all share a hunting story. Here goes mine: This season I hunted for almost every weekend straight through the rut without seeing a good deer. I even put up markers at twenty yards. During the rut, I saw the deer I was looking for but I couldn't get a shot on it because it was behind my tree and I couldn't get my crossbow around to get it. I went in for lunch and decided I was gonna try my other stand. After lunch I went to my other stand and found it was a lot more sturdy when i was smaller, so I hunted off the ground. I saw one deer the rest of the afternoon. My dad didn't tell me where he was going to hunt. When it started to get dark, I started to head back. On the way down I heard my dad calling me. I got to him and saw he had a nice 8 point. And it gets better. It was the deer I had seen earlier, and he shot it out of my tree! He said it walked right behind the twenty yard marker and he shot it at twenty yards through both lungs, right where he aimed. That was the first deer I saw killed so it was pretty neat. I haven't gotten to go hunting since, but maybe I'll get out at least once before the season ends.

Here is a picture of his deer:

Alright, its your guys turn!
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