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Hunting Pine trees

Discussion in 'Ohio Bowhunting' started by roberts021, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. Hunting a new property and there is and area of tall pine trees. I have scouted the area twice now and both times have seen deer in or real near theses pines.My question is, I know thats pines are a could wind break and a decent bedding area for them and other real reason they like to be in the pines.There are a couple trees in there that i could get my climber in and i am thinking about trying this spot out.any ideas or tips
  2. If u can get in there during the rut do it

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  3. watch the loose bark on those pines with those climbers! they get givey and break away sometimes, great for a fixed position in a fork
  4. I wouldent recommend hunting in pines. Ive tried it and the wood is pretty soft i had tree steps pull right out (and i'm under 200lbs). Also sap has ran out and onto my stand and clothes and can be a real pain to clean.
  5. I'd hunt them for sure, I'd just do it from the ground.
    From my experience in the pines: The deer seem to be way laid back and I've had several encounters under 10 yrds.

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  6. Somehow I allways find a hardwood in them pines somewhere. But if its not in a good spot I pitch a blind up
  7. i have been using climbers in pines for years, just set the teeth of the climber just over a not or broken off limb for a rock solid brace. watch out for sap and don't climb a pine if it is windy!!
  8. One of the properties i hunt has a good set of pines and when the rut hits it is a hot spot. Bucks love to rub them as well i guess because of the wood being softer. As for hunting i would say if it is a good location i would for sure.:thumbs_up:
  9. Try to set up on the edge

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  10. thanks for the info guys.there are a couple hardwoods in there that i was thinking about using my climber in. keep the info coming
  11. Pines are a great place to put some meat down. I love hunting pines. I have pines on my property and planted more. The deer love em.
  12. sit there during the rut for sure
  13. I shot my first deer way back when hunting out of a pine. I had a ladder stand, and it sat right above a sturdy limb so i wasn't too worried about what others have pointed out (good things to think of with a climber though!). the lower branches gave me some good cover and the upper branches sheilded me from the weather a bit. Took that first deer at 7 yards broadside and it didn't even know I was there. Just make sure you have a shooting lane if you're set up in a pine.

    Good luck to ya!