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Hunting other states?

Discussion in 'Ohio Turkey Hunting' started by Nut, Dec 28, 2002.

  1. What other states are you planning for this spring?

    I am hoping to fo to Kentucky. (Texas is a slight possibility)
  2. I'm going to try to hook up with a friend and hunt Michigan.;)

  3. Nut, I'm going to try for Ohio, PA, and my home state of NY this spring season!!:p
  4. I'll be hunting here in Tennessee. But I'm thinking about trying to get in a weekend or two in Ohio. I've seen a few turkeys while deer hunting in Jackson Co. Are there many bird in this area? Would it be worth the 5 hr trip?
  5. I'm going to stay here in ohio.
  6. I will be hunting around Columbus. Going to hunt Michigan in May.
  7. i am going to hunt portsmouth ohio , ana w.v.
  8. OHIO only but when it gets fall out west,colo. here i come.oh those mountains are so beautiful when the aspens turn gold.
  9. I'll be hitting up Indiana and Georgia for the gobblers, as well as Ohio. Can't wait!

  10. I GOT A BUDDY IN TEXAS that has a lease i used to be on when i lived there.i'm thinking about going down as his guest.just got to get a non res. lic.
  11. Hopefully Pa. or WV. can't afford both tho.
  12. I'll be hunting here in Goergia, March 22 and then will be in Ohio for the opening week.
  13. the colo. elk hunt will be my 1st elk hunt so i been purrrrty busy getting the stuff i need for a little stay out in the mountains
  14. Almost forgot, I'm headed to Texas this year on a Rio hunt!! Leaving the first week in April for three days!!:p
  15. I'll be hunting turkey and hogs in South Carolina.

    I thought about getting a NR Georgia liscense so I could hunt the other side of "The Refuge" for turkeys. I'm too cheap so I'll pass this year.

  16. i can not wait for sept.,be at the deer / turkey show buyin stuff for "the elk hunt"
  17. I hope some day when i get more vac. time and some more money i will do some traveling to do some hunting but my first hunt will be for caribou.Unless someone here feels sorry for me and offer to take me hunting for some caribou without paying all the outffiters fee':D
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  18. CARIBOU...miracles can happen on the internet!!!
  19. Heading to the black hills S. Dakota for merriams on 4-15. First week for OH then either PA or MD in May.