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A guy from Ohio decides to book a hunting trip in south Texas.

As he and his guide are sitting in the box stand an illegal alien comes running out of the brush. The guide quickly takes up his gun and shoots him dead.

The Ohioan is shocked and asked "Can you really do that!"

The guide replies "this is Texas and totally legal."

Later that night the Ohioan is getting to his car after purchasing a case of beer and set's the case on the car as he unlocks the door an illegal alien steals his beer and runs off. So the Ohioan grabs his pistol and shoots him dead. As the Ohioan goes to retrieve his case of beer the police show up and arrest him.

As the cop's are cuffing the Ohioan he pleads "What's wrong this is Texas and it's legal to shoot illegal aliens"

The cop's reply "Yes it's legal except you cannot use bait."
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