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Hunters needed

Discussion in 'Land Sale - Buy - Lease' started by HUNTER1522, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. I am working on lease for 2013 it will be high end lease in top 3 ohio counties, so i need at lease 4 other hunters to go in with me email me at for more info thanks bob
  2. What County are you looking at?

  3. Location and cost will sure help get a little more response. Also the amount and type of land your leasing

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  4. lease

    I'm interested if location is right.
  5. it's so sad to see hunters who cannot resist the worst disease to hunting
    landleasing , godbless you brother but leasing will eventually kill our hunting heritage,when all our hunting brothers are all locked out of huntable land by greed of lease hunting my friend,hunting will be done,there will no longer be enough fight in numbers to oppose the power the antis will have.
  6. Access to private land in Ohio is down right horrible. If people don't pay to play then its public.
  7. Exactly, I have over 500 acres to me, my son and buddy. Every year I have trespassers I have to inform this is private property, mainly during gun season. I hate to be a complete azz when its not my land but this is getting old. If I were leasing it I can guarantee this wouldn't be happening to me and I'd much rather lease it then I feel I really have a say!