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Hunter Orange/Turkey Hunting

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Hey guys, can someone clarify this for me?
I know when you're deer hunting you need to be wearing your orange. Makes sense...deer are color blind and most hunters are not.
What about turkey hunting? They can see the color for sure and would run the other way as soon as they spotted it so I assume turkey hunters don't wear their vests or hats while hunting. Do you have to have a vest on after a kill or while you're moving through the woods/fields to your blind or back to your truck? I know it's common sense for anybody who doesn't want to be hit with a bunch of #5 but what is the law regarding this?
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Many Turk vests have an orange square on the back ...bout 8"x8 "...its not mandatory but does not hurt to have ...I have had Turks walk 20 yards from me when deer hunting and paid no attention to the orange vest I had on ...deer will easily pick you off with orange when youre moving even in thick brush where if you were in full camo they wont see you...hunters can see you too...:D
Thank you sir. :)
Virtually any quality turkey vest has the removable orange square for you back. they also sell orange "net" bags for covering your dead turkey.
In the regulations booklet, there is a caution statement about not wearing red or bue, like socks that are red on top.
If your smart, have and orange vest in your pack, and put it on when moving on any public hunting area.

IN Pennsylvania, for fall season I believe you need to tie an orange strip to a tree next to you. of course its legal to use a rifle in fall in Pa, so no telling if somebody is trying to shoot 500 yards at what might be a turkey.
Thanks guys,
I pretty much figured that was the case.
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