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Hunt early or wait?

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Darron B, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. Darron B

    Darron B Banned

    Some hunters refuse to hunt the early archery season as to not wise up deer to potential stand sites. Do any of you on here wait until late October before you bow hunt your main properties? I've heard of several hunters say "my opening day is halloween." Any of you do this? I personally don't see much mature buck activity (daylight) until the last week of October. For that reason I don't hit it hard until later in October. I have some permission properties that get hunted by other people that I will hunt early if I want to try and shoot a doe. But my thinking is on exclusive properties, keep them as quiet as possible until prime time. If does need to be taken, take them during gun season. I will still go in and fall turkey hunt a day or two or slip in and check cams.

    Anyone on here wait?
  2. Huntnfool

    Huntnfool Banned

    I truely believe the best time to kill a mature buck is the 7-10 days of the season. So for that reason I hunt them then I will take the middle of October off. This year i am going to just hunt my boy and I probably wont pick up my bow till the last week of October.

  3. I have waited on some seasons, especially when the temps are unseasonably warm. I agree that buck activity doesn't really start heating up until the end of October. if you have exclusive property there would be no rush, so it depends on your setup.

    On another note, I was scouting today and saw several trees rubbed, watched a buck destroying a sapling and saw 4 scrapes. I rarely see any signs like this so early. It seems the crazy weather patterns we've had are really screwing up the routine. I'm goin in!
  4. i have a few properties that i dont go in until halloween but other properties i hunt early it depends on food sources, where they are bedding,or my entrance and exit routes
  5. I too am seeing scrapes and rubs everywhere!!! So I put out some of my scrape stuff I bought from ohiomossyoak.. I've been get a big buck well a couple big ones on cam in the evenings and a few in the am also. Just seen the forcast for Saturday high of 66 and clear an Sunday is 64 and clear so I'm hopeful to fill a tag... As far as it goes I won't shoot a doe of my main spot till gun season and ill switch around to my stand sites as to not alarm them

  6. miketruax

    miketruax Staff Member Super Mod

    I hunt every day till I kill a buck last year was on Sept 29 so we will see what this year brings but I am prepared to stick it out as long as it takes

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  7. Im getting ready to put some out too...Im to limited on days able to hunt to delay my start a month later..Plus I dont have much EXCLUSIVE land..
  8. Great thread Darron. I have a couple places Ill hunt early. I have one area I wont touch until Oct 15 or so.

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  9. better be careful saying that...i just got accused of spreading misinformation in the area youre in about scrapes and rubs being everywhere...from another site ,not this one...:biggrin:
  10. COPY my post and paste it on that site Tellem Wht county I'm in ill vouch for ya

  11. Early season almost always produces deer for me.. I've never been so anxious for season to start.. I do have a spot that I'm gonna save for THE RUT!

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  12. I killed a 171" first day of season last year. If you do ur work it can really pay off on mature deer early season
  13. I have a good buck on cam 2 mornings last week around 845. Guess where I will be opening morning.
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  14. I hunt public so its a go from day 1. Hunting weekends only I'm on stand unless the wind is howling. And yes I set all day. This year might go a little different then past I walked new public land this weekend. It may only be an evening only area. Never hunted an area like this so I'll learn as I go.
  15. Ditto, but natural ground blinds.
  16. Planning to hunt hard right out of the gates! Cant wait to get out there. I'm stuck to public mostly. I've done a lot of homework and put in a lot of miles walking preparing for my first season in OH. Cant wait to hunt the big boys! And i've got one picked out. Good Luck everyone!
  17. Hunt hard form day 1. I'm hunting a urban area county park for the first month so I'll be in the woods 4 days a week.

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  18. If you have one nailed down, go kill him. Where they are now is not where they will be after Halloween.
  19. Me too.....3 different sightings....multiple bucks......all between 8:00 am and 9:15 am
  20. This season is different for me cause I've been running cams and I'm not seeing anything big. But at the same time I get so excited for bow season that there's no possible way I could stay out of the woods until late October. I think I might use some of the early season to check out some public lands.

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