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How'd everyone do?

Discussion in 'Ohio Waterfowl Hunting' started by QuackCocaine, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. Who went out for early goose/teal this past weekend? How'd you do?
    Went out with two buddies for a couple hours Saturday, ended up seeing one group of teal (they worked the deekes perfectly) and killed 2 out of the group. Then we had one lonely goose come right in and took him right over the decoys, was picture perfect. All in all, not the worst early opener I've ever had, but definitely not the best either!

    Didn't take any pics, but let's see them if you got em'!
  2. I spent the weekend stuck at work, taking thursday and friday off to shoot some birds. Should do fine. Ill check back here then.

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  3. 5 honkers saturday, skunked sunday, had to work early monday, 2 more this morning. Birds didnt work the greatest today, landed directly behind the layout blinds. A little wind would ve been worth a lot today.
  4. Nice. I usually only go once during early season cuz its too dam hot. I actually wore swim trunks in the morning out on the lake where we went hunting...
  5. Had one small group of 4 commit to the decoys and took one. Those were the only birds I saw all day. Then I laid in a layout blind Monday and got soaked, good thing I wore shorts, but no birds!

    Too busy at work to get out this week until Saturday.

    Good Luck to all.
  6. Got 2 teal on Saturday saw a few other groups that never came in, it was just good to get out there after the long off season
  7. A friend and I took my friend's 16 year old son on Sunday. My friend and I each got 1 but the kid got his limit. :bouncy:
  8. Glad to hear, definitely more rewarding when you take a young hunter out and they have fun, than it is to always shoot your limit.
    Just as fun though when everyone gets their limit:biggrin:
  9. HAHA! looks like some cooler weather this weekend and next week. Teal hunted the lake this morning and got two. Hope to see more down in next few days! good eating and even better shooting those speed demons.
  10. We've got tons of teal around my neck of the woods, they just don't have leave the roosts much to feed when its this hot out. Didn't help on opening day tho that there was a full moon (blue moon) the night before, can fly earlier and later.
  11. Hunted a marsh in NE Ohio monday am, was impressed by number of birds ended up with three teal and a goose. Was nice to be out before that hot sun came up.

  12. Nice Job!
  13. Two teal opening morn @ sandusky bay. 6 geese labor day in fields richland county. 1 goose isnt in the pic it was taken in the morn. Pic shows evening birds

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  14. Two birds two bands! Heck of a way to start the season. Several guys at the ramp shot banded geese opening day.
  15. My son and a buddy went out this eve with his friends dad. Dropped 6 geese, first ones of the season. Sorry no pics, my camera puked, but the boys were very, very, very, happy.:bouncy::bouncy:
  16. Hunted public land in NW ohio and got 1 goose and 3 teal! didnt use any decoys but they came right in with just calling
  17. Fried my hand with a good 110 volt zap, gettin surgery this week. Cant pull the bang switch. So ill just live vicariously through you guys for a bit. Hoping to be good for first split.

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  18. Well, looks like all you guys did pretty good!
    Getting anxious for the regular season to start, these cooler temps are getting me real excited.