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Lukily the rain stopped here in Belmont Co. just before daylight! Was able to get a gobbler for my Grandson, Colton right off the roost! Prolly 18# with 9 1/2" beard and 7/8" spurs. His 3rd bird so far and a two year old. He was a happy young man and the 20 ga. with #6 heavy shot did it's job once again!

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This youth season will go down in the books of days to be forgotten.
1) 4:30 the alarm goes off and it sounds like a monsoon outside, I step outside to enjoy the outdoors for a couple of mins and then check the radar with little hope in site, decide to get a little more sleep.
2) 5:00 a fully camoflaged 15 year old shakes me awake to be sent back to his room.
3) 7:00 a fully camoflaged 15 year old is out of patience and we head out in the downpour.
4) 7:45 pulled over by one of our countys finest, 13 mph over limit. First time I have been stopped in 29 years.
5) 9:00 finally get to the woods and head out, and 2 hours later we have yet to hear a gobble. I'm starting to loose faith in my calling.
6) 11:30 head to another area.
7) 12:45 get to second spot and start walking.
8) 1:15 get caught by Tom in open field as we are approaching field.
9) 2:45 get caught again by another bird approaching an open field.
10) 4:00 see 3rd Tom waving goodbye to us as we are driving out in an open field.
11) 4:15 make one last stop and get the first Gobble of the day.
12) 4:30 Bird had crossed road and busted us moving on him.

Typical first day.
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