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How to catch perch on lake erie ???

Discussion in 'Lake Erie fishing report' started by Pink Eye, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. Hello everyone, newbee here. " Pink Eye" :cool:
    I came to the pro's to find out how do you catch perch on the big lake? My queen had a life time desire to perch fish lake Erie.We are going out on a head boat from Port Clinton, first time out on the big lake. Can u guy's give me some pointers on tackle & line rigging ? I heard they use two & three hooks. how do they rig there lines that way ? What kind of tackle do u use, make, model,color's, size, & line size,etc ??? Can u jig fish with a jig & leech or jig & crawfish ??? What is the "BETTER WAY" to fish for those little perchies ?? How far off the bottom do u need to be? How do they tie those knots for the two hook set up ?? any kind of info or pictures would be a big help.
    Just would like to thank all of you for your help.:cool:
  2. I always have good luck using a perch spreader or crappie rig and live minnows. Drop it to the bottom and reel it up a couple of cranks so your weight isn't resting on the bottom. If your minnows are real big, cut em in half, I find that they like the smaller ones better. Keep watching the tip of your pole because sometimes they just barely nibble and it's hard to feel when you've got a bite. Hope that helps and good luck to u!

  3. emerald shiners for bait are a must.
  4. Take an oz or 2 sinker tie it at the bottom then tie 2 or 3 hooks up the line every 6-8 inches. Use number 6 hook, gold ones u can find them. Put shiner on the every hook slowly drop it down. Once it hits the bottom real it up a crank then wait for the light peck peck peck!!! Set the hook and it's on . Draw bridge marina had great head boats. I won their perch tourney few yrs back.

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  5. Simplest way is a perch rig. Go to nearest bait shop by where u wanna go. Hold line nice and tight when u feel slight peck lift up and start reeling. Emarlds are a must. Tip. Perch like to bite them face first. So hook through spine so it comes out belly then bring hook through jaw comming out of head.
  6. perch bite lately

    The perch have been laying on the bottom. Let your spreader down and lay it on the bottom, count to 3 , slowly lift, any difference, jerk. Saw 5 headboats out from f -can and the gravel pit out from PC on Friday last week, boats were loaded. Perchin is goooood !!!!:whistle:
  7. Lil trick I learned use small Ictinus hooks and reel like a half crank then set hook, get way more hook ups.

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  8. if they're bitin' good & your running low on minnows, cut 'em in half; they'll keep biting just as good...some say they smell the blood..
  9. We always use spreaders, let it hit the bottom and then reel it up a little so you can feel it hit the bottom when the boat moves down from the waves...when I get a nibble, I slowly lift the rod up until i feel it again, then set the hook...if there isn't a 2nd bite, reel up and re-bait (rarely happens unless fishing w/my kids)...

    The one thing I hate is when the white perch and small white bass keep nibling on your minnows and never get hooked....but when we do catch 'em and if the minnows are gone, well we use them for bait next!
  10. Thank You for all your help everyone. i never use a spreader before and i'm not sure what they are :confused: do they sell them a the charter bait shop? or how do i go about getting one.
  11. I like to use Crappie standoffs unless they are hitting hard then spreaders work well.To me standoffs make it much easier to feel when they are hitting light because of where the hooks are compared to the weight.Opposite setup compared to a spreader.
  12. Hey, we just limited out on perch Saturday. We use a perch leader with a 1 or 2 oz sinker tied to the bottom. Perch leader, make it yourself use 10 lb mono put a snap hook on the bottom to attach the sinker, come up 6 inches and double the line about 4 inches and tie a knot, come up another 6 inches and double another 4 of inches of line and tie a knot, do this 3 times and tie your hook at the end of you doubled lines, put another snap swivel at the top to attach to your line and you're ready. You will end up with a leader with 3 separate points for the minnows to move around above the sinker. Let the sinker touch the bottom and the 3 hooks will be elevated just above it. This will let you feel the bite before the weight. The perch have been biting VERY, VERY light. Get a sensitive rod to feel the bite, put some shiners on and have a ball. If you feel and weight when lifting, set the hook. You'll be a pro in no time!
  13. If you do it right you should be able to post some pics like this one.

  14. This pic is just for fun. Caught this one Tuesday last week out from the Huron river in 30 fow on LE. I had no idea he took the first minnie, shows how sharp I can be. Somehow I got him on the second minnie. I don't think he was going anywhere.

  15. I've has a few of those 2 hooks in one mouth before, always cool. last week I got tired of losing shiners so I started leaving 2 hooks empty and just baiting the third hook at the top of the leader, wouldn't you know I caught a double! One on the baited hook and one on an empty hook. Good times!
  16. That's pretty hard core when you can get a double that way!

  17. Hey everyone Thank You for all the good tips. I have a question. what time of the year do the perch shut down? some of the head boat on Lake Eire shut down at end of september others at the end of october. Is perch fishing still good in october? Also dose the walleye fishing come around again for fall season?
  18. The perchin' has been real good for the past 3 months. I was out of Huron Saturday. Took 5 hours for 2 of us to get our 60 perch. Never moved the boat. Some REAL nice size to them. October is a very good month for perch. A lot of the jumbos (12 - 14 inchers) are caught during this time. Watch the weather and try to get out there. Good luck.
  19. I just got home yesterday from a 2 week trip to Erie.
    The weather didn't cooperate with us each day but when it did the fishing was great.My longest run from the Vermilion river was 2.2 miles.Our best day amounted to a 3 man limit being caught in just under 2 hours.I went back to a spot I had put on the gps several years ago and the fish were there.
    The rest of the trip we fished North our of the river maybe 1.5 miles.The fish were bigger on the average this year than they have been over the last several.One person had to leave early but the last 2 days we fished we had 2 limits w/ the live weights being 24lbs and 22 lbs.