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How much Blaze Orange do we need

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I was just wondering if every time a hunter gets shot will we have to buy more hunter orange to stand out more in the woods. That isn't the problem, it is hunters not thinking before they shoot why people are getting killed out in the wood.

While hunting down in Zaleski I had a ranger stop me and told me if I had my gun in my hand he would have given me a ticket for not having enough hunter orange on but I had on a blaze hat and a full hunting vest that was 75- 80% blaze orange and that was not enough dang, I will have to buy a full blaze coveralls outfit to hunt a animal that has unbelievable sight .

I guess next we will all have to buy a flashing light and siren that mounts on our heads so we will be seen in the woods or neon signs spelling out "HUNTER Not A Deer" one on our chest and one on our backs.

It just make me mad as heck to be forced into something because of others stupidity. :mad:
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If everyone in the woods was a responsible/ethical hunter with their firearm blaze orange wouldn't be needed at all. We know this isn't the case. Personally, I think an orange cap is sufficient although I also wear a blaze vest just so I'm not breakin the law. Heck, the plugged shot gun rule still upsets me!
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