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How much Blaze Orange do we need

Discussion in 'Deer Camp Talk' started by Dear_Hunter, Dec 31, 2002.

  1. I was just wondering if every time a hunter gets shot will we have to buy more hunter orange to stand out more in the woods. That isn't the problem, it is hunters not thinking before they shoot why people are getting killed out in the wood.

    While hunting down in Zaleski I had a ranger stop me and told me if I had my gun in my hand he would have given me a ticket for not having enough hunter orange on but I had on a blaze hat and a full hunting vest that was 75- 80% blaze orange and that was not enough dang, I will have to buy a full blaze coveralls outfit to hunt a animal that has unbelievable sight .

    I guess next we will all have to buy a flashing light and siren that mounts on our heads so we will be seen in the woods or neon signs spelling out "HUNTER Not A Deer" one on our chest and one on our backs.

    It just make me mad as heck to be forced into something because of others stupidity. :mad:
  2. I agree, people need to start taking responsibility in the woods and identify game before shooting. I don't wear hunter orange, and I avoid muzzloading and gun season. I am strictly archery and I carry a really bright flashlight with me.

  3. Hey Dear Hunter, I got a ticket last year during gun season for the same situation while on private ground. $90.00 fine and he was going to haul me in the jail and make me post bond because I did not live in the county that I was hunting (Defiance county).
    He checked everything on me except my permission to hunt that land. Was even going to give me a ticket for having a loaded gun after shooting hours but he did not. Law states that you must have a 100% Hunter orange or Camo Hunter Orange vest on while hunting. I have a lot of unsettled fellings about what happened to me but I was breaking the Law!
  4. If everyone in the woods was a responsible/ethical hunter with their firearm blaze orange wouldn't be needed at all. We know this isn't the case. Personally, I think an orange cap is sufficient although I also wear a blaze vest just so I'm not breakin the law. Heck, the plugged shot gun rule still upsets me!
  5. We all have to pay for the actions of a few:(
  6. The 75-80% of blaze is not enough according to regulations. You have to have a coat or jumpsuit or vest that is 100% blaze orange, or blaze camo. Can't have a hunting vest with brown and blaze. I checked up on it last hunting season. The problem isn't guys shooting at the blaze orange. It's at guys shooting at sound, or taking 400yd shots into a fence row.
  7. Lance

    Lance Super Mod Mod

    I disagree

    I'm all for the law as it stands and disagree that it's strictly because of the unethical hunters taking poor shots. I have been out in the woods MANY times prior to the new orange laws where someone had appeared out of no where in the woods in a direction I may have been shooting in and you flat out could not see them. I even had one guy walk up in camo with a green and white hat but he had is orange gloves on so he was legal. Luckily at that point I was dressing my deer but you couldn't seem him at more than 40 yards. Yeah if your one of those guys that has to sit in the woods where you can cover 100 yards in every direction you may see someone moving around but then again you may not if the guy's walking sideways to you and all his orange is on the front and back. If someone is walking through the cover at the fringe of your opening he or she can be downright tough to see with just a vest on. I wear an orange jumpsuit and have very few problems with deer spotting me and I haven't even bothered with the UV suppressing soaps. With slugs whizzing around another 100 yards or so past where your shooting I think safety should be the first concern not the deer. If you can't set-up properly to the point you can't get a shot at your deer with a gun you need to do some more homework on how to pick your stand.
  8. I disagree with you Lance. If people identified their target before shooting, it wouldn't matter if hunter orange was on or not. I still think the amount of shootings, the ones we always hear about, result from the person not being indentified. One shouldn't shoot at something if they dont' know what it is!
  9. Lance

    Lance Super Mod Mod

    Identifying not the problem.

    Identifying the target is not the only problem. Whats BEHIND the target is equally as important. That's the part I'm getting at. I've been the one behind the target and had lead miss me by let than 20 feet and I had an orange coat.
  10. I understand that, but I would like to add that I think the amount of people being shot as a result is soooo much lower than those shot by not identifying the target. So what do you propose so that someone can be seen in those situations; like you said, they can't see you and even you, in all blaze orange almost was hit this way.
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  11. Identify Target Think what will be hit after the target

    I agree with you lureboy98 Identify target first then look at the back stop and "THINK" what will I hit to stop this shot before you pull the trigger "Stop, Look, and Think before you shoot".
  12. Before I take ANY shot....rabbit, pheasant, squirrel, deer....I always take a look at the situation. What's behind the animial? Where could the shot possibly go? Where are my hunting partners? After all of that is processed, and i know for a fact it is clear, I will take my shot. I've let rabbits go cause I wasn't fully sure what was on the other side of the brush. It's all part of the game of HUNTING....not KILLING.
  13. I just hear from a reliable sourse "very reliable" That the DNR, wants to make it a law you have to Orange on while Bowhunting also..Said it will be in effect in 2003, or 2004.
  14. I hope they will have a meeting so the hunters can go in and voice our opinion about this stupid law about to be adopted.
  15. true DESPERADO i think the hunters should have some say in this but you know the ODNR they wont listen to us .i think it is not the answer to make bow hunters wear hunter orange.they are just lookin for a quick solution and this aint it.i mean both people that were shot this year was because the shooters heard or saw movement and thought the movement was a deer.
  16. So let me see if i paint my Chevy 4x4 with Blaze orange it will never get hit or shot at. Just something for the rule makers to think about. :D
  17. Lance

    Lance Super Mod Mod


    As for my near miss I had an orange coat, not the full suit. Will full orange stop accidents NO. Will it prevent some? YOU BET! As far as the looking at your surroundings before you shoot, that is the number one rule in hunting. I spend an extremely high amount of time bird hunting and have to be EXTREMELY aware of my surrounding as I hunt the pheasant releases and grouse hunt state land when there are bowhunters out. It seems a bit arrogant to assume that you will see whoever is around wearing an orange vest because you looked. I've been hunting way too many years with people wearing full orange vests and hats in NOVEMBER and not be able to see them 20 yards away when I know they are there. To make the assumption that you will be able to see everyone who is around you "because you looked" when they are not wearing large amounts of orange seems a little irresponsible if not just scary!

    And no I don't feel bowhunters should wear orange.