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How many Squirrel hunt?

Discussion in 'Upland Game hunting, Dogs and dog training' started by flathunter, Dec 29, 2002.

  1. Squirrel hunting used to be my favorite, sittting in the woods on a crisp fall morning, and hearing them cut in the hickorys was great..I used to shoot 30 or so a year..I got tired of eating them, and took up Deer hunting so I dont do it anymore...As I look back on it I had some of my best times hunting in the Squirrel woods.

    And it is how I taught my son to hunt. And when he shot his first fox squirrel you would have thought he shot a big buck!
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  2. Here is my sons pic with his first fox and gray squirrel, shot 4 years ago.


  3. I like to hunt them. I hunt them at the start of the season. Before bow starts. They are some good eating. My bother well give us some too. So we eat 15-20 of them each year. My dad started us boy to hunt on them. It takes me back to my youth to go hunt them now. My dad don't hunt much anymore. He has a bad back & it hurts him to sit in the woods & hunt. But he loved to hunt rabbit the most. So when rabbits come in we don't hunt the bushy tails tell the next season.
  4. I dont squirrel hunt that much....but id like to start.....there are tons of reds, greys and black squirrels around my hunting land
  5. I don't hunt anymore but squirrel was my favorite when I did. Sitting quietly, listening, doing some barking. Tricky little guys, it was alot of fun.
  6. Have planned on squirrel hunting last year but I never really got to it. Hopefully I will get to do some this time.
  7. I love to squirrel hunt. I'm going to take my boy out for his first hunt. I gave him a .410 shotgun. It's the one I was given as a boy. I killed lots of them growing up and the family and the neighbors ate well.

    Ohio bill, my boy and I would love to come to your property and thin out the squirrels. What do you say?;)
  8. I used to hunt squirrels alot, almost to the point of obsession. That's how I learned the area that I deer hunt so well. I can't begin to guess how many squirrels, rabbits, grouse, woodcock, turkeys, and deer that I have taken from the same tract of public land. I have hunted there since I was a kid (I'm 44 now) and know it like the back of my hand. I mainly just deer and turkey hunt now, but there are alot of squirrels down there.
    I'd like to get a small caliber muzzle loader and take up hunting them again.
  9. Squirrels!

    That is how I started my hunting career... My first was a big fox squirrel in Adams county. So much fun. I haven't been in a while though. Didn't go at all this year and only a couple times last year. I'll definitely have to look back into it.

  10. I used to squirrel hunt when I was in my early teens, but havent really did any since then, would like to start doing more.
  11. I like to hunt 'em early season with a 22 mag and check on deer sign while I'm at it. Usually, after bow season comes in, that's it for the squirrel huntin. I've been known to fling a few arrows at em out of my tree stands and have shot a few this way!---TF
  12. I hunt squirrels early in the season every year (.22cal) I'll sit and wait around some choice areas. At the end of the season when it is cold (.410ga)I mostly stalk through the forest. I do the majority of my squirrel stompin on public land and can always pick up a few. I always use squirrel hunting as an excuse to explore a tract of land I have never hunted before. Sometimes they are tricky little suckers. Some of my best naps have come during early season squirrel hunting:D Nothing like waking up in the woods to find a squirrel upside down barking at ya in the tree you're sleeping against.
  13. They are almost as fun as shooting sparrows with a bb gun:cool: That's how I got good at shooting, trying to hit a little bird on a limb, fence or wire with a red rider and my crossman. I remember my dad came home one day to a back yard full of dead holes in the kitchen window screen....he didn't care because he did the same thing:p
  14. It's funny how your sons come back and do exactly what you did as a kid and you tend to give them leeway about it. ;)
  15. No no no......he didn't shoot holes in the kitchen window screen when he was little, this was only a few days prior:D
  16. Well when my old man caught me at it...he taught me a valuable lesson about hunting ethics and regulations.
    I was so proud right until the point where he asked me..."And how do you like your Blue Jay cooked?"
    he even had me field dress the thing...had it plucked before he finally let me off the hook....but i never took potshots at song birds or anything else i didnt intend to eat ever again lol.
    Nothing wrong with squirell stew thouh;)