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How many is to many?

Discussion in 'Ohio Bowhunting' started by Wildman18, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. How many people is to many on a peice of land?

    15 hunters on 1300 acres? Or do you think that is perfect?

    Buy the way it is hilly property.

    I ask because everyone has their preferance. I think it is good #'s but a buddy is thinking it is to many.
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  2. 1 per 100 AT MOST...:biggrin:

  3. If you are stand hunting and spread out I would think you would be fine. As long as everybody communicates and doesn't try to hunt the same areas.
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  4. I agree! One hunter per hundred acres.

  5. 1 per 100 would be my preference. Really depends on number of deer, and knowing the other hunters well. Does each hunter have a pretty specific area, or is it a free for all, first come, first served.

    I may not want to leave stands out if I didnt know the other hunters well. Is someone going to ruin "your" area when your not there??

    Just some things I would think about.
  6. it was the rule of thumb in was with high powered rifle and stand hunting...and shots from stands were preferred...:D
  7. I will not no a single hunter.
  8. I hunt 2 conjoined properties that equals around 140ish acres and there is about 10 hunters.. my dad and I still kill deer every year, but never a mature buck.. I know that is way too many hunters! But this is on a huge creek bottum.. and the properties around it have hunters too.. so no, 15 on 1300acre is not bad at all, hell, they still got room for one more? :D

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  9. Yea, in a perfect world, 1 man per hundred acres is great. I have a feeling though, that type of instance is fairly uncommon.

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  10. I think those are ok numbers...however alot depends not only on the lay of the land but the makeup of the timber of the property, and the shape of the property. We have access to roughly 250 acres spread out over two seperate tracts and hunt 4 people on it, 2 per tract. We know each other very well and the property has lots of edges that allow for us to have a few different setups on each property. However if we didn't know where each other was at and when we were hunting we would be way overcrowded. The make up of the land here allows for lots of deer with 1/2 the land being too thick to hunt but little huntable acreage.

    Back home in NC we have approx. 1000 acres that we hunt with 12 paying members and some of those have kids that hunt close by. My family makes up roughly half the members and we alot of the time have the entire lease to ourselves. If you are on a larger club usually everyone will not be hunting the same day(with the exceptions of opening days and holidays ofcourse). With this club consisting of almost 100% big woods, it is all huntable. And the fact that it is shaped very long and thin allows hunters to feel more spread(and technically be father apart than if the property was square) out even when every one is hunting the same day.
  11. Yup:D
  12. This land is mostly mature forest. It is not set in stone that I will be hunting it, but the chances are very good. It is a drawing and I will find out real soon if I got it. There is a meeting which I will meet the hunters and share with them my thought's about how it should be done. I hope they share the same views.

    I have an inside conection (It won't help on the drawing) at the property that has given me the in's and out of the place. He also told me about a few peices of the property that few know about where some bigboys are. He also found a 145 to 150 inch that he found dead. He couldn't tell how it died even with the WIT classes at school.

    The nice part is it is 20 minits from a 300ac. farm and a 100ac farm that I can hunt also so it leaves my options open.
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  13. Will all 15 be hunting at the same time?

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  14. It depends if we all hunt at the same time. It is for bow hunting so you never know only though the week no weekends. so I don't think that all 15 will be there. I hope not. ​
  15. :D

    Dang another that might be wondering where all the deer went...:bouncy:
  16. A lot depends on the property, how it lays, what percent is woods, herd size. Maybe most importantly is how the guys get along.

    Ohio averages about 1 deer hunter for 50 acres of land. That includes every bit of land in the state, land in cities, parks, roads, that your house sits on. If a guy has 100 acres to himself he is WAY more fortunate the probably 90% of hunters.
  17. Most of the time I have well over 100 acres ...