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How many crappie

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species Fishing' started by LakeRaider, Dec 22, 2002.

  1. fisherman are at this site? And what is your favorite lake in Ohio. And out of state. LakeRaider""
  2. I would have to say my favorite crappie lake in ohio is Rush Creek Lake in the early spring. Close runner-up is hoover. Out of state would have to be Sanford lake in Mi, in fact that whole river stystem.

  3. Erie in Ohio. Kentucky lake in, of all places, Kentucky and a private lake in Virginia owned by Mr. Bill Hurley. :D
  4. I've always liked fishing for crappie, but don't do it as much anymore. Always had the best luck at Paint Creek.
  5. Man you just can't beat old papermouth! Pull him out of that clear cold water on a brisk end of winter or early spring day. Filet him out and get him rolled in a warm blanket of seasoned flour or corn meal then slipped into a hot skillet before he has time to catch pneumonia! :D Slap that bad boy on a plate along side a pile of fresh cole slaw, some crisp french fries, and two or three hush puppies and then pour yourself a steaming hot cup of strong black coffee from the pot just off the camp fire.

  6. paint creek is my favorite place's fairly close to me and i like their campground too.
    i'd like to make it to reelfoot in tenn. sometime.i've heard alot of great stories about that place.
  7. Reelfoot

    Been there , its a really awsome looking lake.Lots of snakes. Kentucky Lake has been my favorite for years. Would like to get an outing together this spring at Paint Creek in Ohio. And I hear Delaware in Ohio is excellant. Monroe Lake in Ind. is on my must fish list for late spring after the spawn. LakeRaider""
  8. in ohio.. i have my best luck at grand lake st Kentucky.. i had my best luck at lake cumberland near burnside..
  9. hooover is my favorite.haven't fished for them elsewhere,but if i got the chance,i think i'd like to check out kentucky lake.
  10. Well for me Grand Lake or Ft. Loramie would be my best spots without giving out my honey holes! Im still hunting for a 2# to have mounted, and I hope to get real close this year for one. Glenn
  11. Although I don't target crappie very much anymore I would have to say when I do it would be grand lake. However in the past is was a gravel pit res. in geneva Indiana.

  12. Haven't really fished for them in one certain lake. But hope to hook up with Misfit and get some.
  13. in ohio, indian lake and grand lake--in michigan,lake st. clair,belleville lake and strawberry lake:)
  14. In state would be Alum. I have anchored over a couple spots and hauled 'um in as fast as I could drop a minnow. The nice thing is that these two spots produce everytime, especially with a little breeze/wind.

    Out of state, Kentucky lake......nothing compares. Anchored over 20 feet of water once....three crappie in a row, smallest being 16 inches!
  15. desperado

    we'll hit hoover this spring(if not sooner)and try to find some:D then when the heat of the summer sets in and puts them in a bad mood,we'll go into trollin' mode and pick 'em off:cool:
  16. My favorite

    Is Delaware in early spring. Havent found a better spot for crappies yet. Havent been out of state for crappie fishing so couldnt tell you there.
  17. Man ... That's livin' PawClaws!!!

    :cool: ~ :cool: