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**How high do u hunt in your stand?**

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Ohio Bill, Jan 1, 2003.

  1. I was wondering how high everybody hunts....And what type of stand do u use? I only hunt 12 ft up...i use a ladder stand...Ive never had any problems with only being 12 ft up.....this years buck was just about under my stand.:D
  2. My stand

    is permanant. Kinda like a lounge. lol Had to put rails around it this year cause I take a lot of naps. Its 18 ft. off the ground but right on the edge of a ridge so it feels like your up 40 ft. or so. Its built into 3 trees so theres not much sway when the wind blows. A really great view. LakeRaider:""
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  3. 15 to 20 feet. dependin on the terrain i am huntin.
  4. I like the area between 20-25 ft. sometimes 30' but not to often.I mostly use a api climber when i'm in a tree.
  5. I use a Summit climber and hunt 20-22 ft. I prefer the view from there.
  6. I use a 20 FT. pull rope and prefer to get 20FT. up, but sometimes it isnt possible, so I will try to get atleast 15 ft.up. If I cannot get 15 ft. up I hunt off the ground and make a ground blind. Pike
  7. I am scared to death of heights, my feet are always planted firmly on the ground while deer hunting..I have shot some deer at close range while bowhunting from the ground.
  8. CritterGitter

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    I use a climber and prefer to be 20-25 feet up. I consider this ideal as I get a good field of view and I am not in the direct line of site for deer.
  9. Steve

    Steve Staff Member Admin Mod

    Till my nose bleeds and then add 5 feet :)
  10. Haha good one! I also use a 20 ft pull rope and get up between 15 and 20 feet. I hunt on a hill and the ground levels off about 20 ft in front of me and I don't have to stand up to shoot in front of me with my crossbow.
  11. stand height

    I hunt 20-25 feet up in the tree. I use a summit climbing stand. You can't beat the view, and I make sure to practice shooting my bow from this height too. Helps a ton.

  12. I have to go with Q2XL and go up about 15-20 ft.;)
  13. Just to show you how long it's been since I deer hunted I always thought that it was illegal to make a deerstand permantant and that you couldn't afix it to a tree using nails, I guess because of the permanancy there. But, I looked it up, quickly I might ad but saw no mentions of wether a stand can be permanant or not. I am almost positive that in the mid to late 80's you couldn't have one that was permanent. I did read that the odnr said 12 -15 feet is the right hight for placing your stand.

  14. They can be permanant on private land , but not public.
  15. I don't like anything below 15' unless I'm on the ground. 20-30' is my favorite.
  16. I have a Warren Sweat Master Climber. Its pretty basic but gets the job done.
  17. I used to be like Steve, If I wasn't at least 25 ft, then I felt "naked". I'd go as high as 30-35. But the last few years, I have learned to hunt on the "backside" of the tree keeping the tree between me and where the deer come from/ where I anticipate them to be. The only downfall is that I stand up 90% of the time. Since I have started using this type of set up, I'll rarely go over 25 ft, but still like to get up to at least 20, I feel this helps your scent "stay high" in your immediate hunting area.

  18. The deer are getting wiser and often look up. I always try for at least 25 feet, but perfer 30. After that the angle gets a little steep for me. I use a tree lounge and also the netting. Even then, I have had deer stare at me.

    I remember years ago, that if you were 8 feet off the ground the deer would never see you. They are like the Borg! They adapt.:)
  19. The farther you go up the farther the deer is from you.Height is distance too.and I like them close.Highest I probably go is 20' but seldom.If I go this high I need at least a 20 yd shot from the tree.Because of steep angle.Now I like shots at 10 yds. and thats how far from trails I set stands.This gives me lower shot angle and the deer never seem to pick me out.As I like to say...10yds and in will make me grin.
  20. I hunt from the ground. Only choice I have since I dont have a climber. But last year I hunted Pa in a shooting house with a line of sight of 17 feet off the ground.