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How do you ask permission

Discussion in 'Ohio Bowhunting' started by Goshengrunter, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. Been watching a bruiser of a buck the last month and got him pinpointed on some pand I don't currently have permission to hunt.

    I've knocked on doors a lit and usually get shot down. Gonna try this one tommorrow. Anyone have any succsesful tips?


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  2. Don't go up and ask. Stop and tell them your name and just talk with the owners awhile. And if they seem to be welcoming to you then drop the "can I hunt your land? " bomb.

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  3. Knock on the door small talk them tell them what you do for a living, how many kids you have, talk about sports, have kid with you that is cute. Make sure you shave and are dressed nice, take the nicer car/truck and be polite. It will either be a yes or a no. If it is a no ask if they know of anyone that may let you hunt.. That works quite a bit after I get shot down.
  4. Start by knocking before the season starts. Let them know you would be more than happy to help them out around the farm any time they need help. Offer to help with firewood, hay, mowing. Most folks can always use help and might not be so quick to say no. If they do say no, offer to help anyway. Could help you in the future.
  5. I went to a place that was posted heavily. I knocked on the door and said, " I know you traditionally don't allow hunting but I would like to ask if you would consider letting ONE bowhunter on your property" I told her the deer were getting very populated in the area and it would be a privilage to hunt their beautiful piece of property. The owner just sort of stared at me for a while and said, give me your phone number, I'll talk it over with my husband and let you know. I figured I'd never hear from her but to my surprise she called me a week later. She said I was the first person who actually asked for permission rather than just trying to sneak on. We have been friends now for a good 15 years. It was a great place to hunt until they developed all around it a few years back. Anyway, it can be done with the proper approach.
  6. I make friends and they know my interests. If they have land they invite me. If they don't but know people who do they speak up for me.

    Bottom line, just be involved in others lives and being married to a good woman helps a lot. People like me enough, but because of my wife they like me more. Have an invite to Tenn. because of my wife and kids, private ground and they don't hunt.

    I wouldn't knock on a door, just live and who knows, someday they may ask you over. It happens.