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How did you all do during gun season

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OK guys here is your chance to brag. Lets here all thoses stories. I have been hunting for 11 years, and can honestly say I have never seen the deer like I did this year. The party I was hunting with took a 10 pointer, and 3 8 pointers opening day. The 8 pointers were huge. I think the smallest had a 16 1/2 inch spread and the largest was 20 inches.
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Got None

Opening day I saw 21 deer of which 2 were small bucks but unbelievably I had not shots at any of them. On Tuesday I only hunted in the am and saw a real nice 10pt and a doe - couldn't get a shot at either though. I'd have to say it was the most frustrating day and half of hunting I've ever had. 23 deer and no shot opportunities. After Tuesday I packed up and head to Illinois to hunt with my dad and brothers for the rest of the week. Of course I only saw 5 deer and blew my only opportunity (spike). Luckily I got one with the bow so I have some meat - sure could use some more though.
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