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How 'bout you guys?

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by BottomBouncer, Jan 4, 2003.

  1. Football is high in my mind right now, thinking back to my days and nights on the field. How many of you played football, what were the highlights of your careers?

    I always get an emotional high watching OSU, and movies based around football, like Varsity Blues, The Replacements, Any Given Sunday...........
  2. I play football for fun. I played flag football once and I scored the winning two point conversion in the championship game we had. And I was good on defense. That is the extent of my football career.

  3. BB

    I played 8 yrs of football, from "pee-wee" league up...until i got into high school and everyone got MUCH bigger than me..thought it was in my best of health to stop
    Plus i found girls and outdoors then!

    I played 7 years of baseball from T-ball league up, i was on the all-stars 3 yrs(short stop)..but again after i got into high school, prioritys changed and i stopped playing school sports(plus i hated my high school teams!)
    Ive never been one to watch those sports on TV prefering to play them over watching..i probably have watched a full game in over 10 yrs atleast!
  4. I would have never played football unless one of my friends didn't talk me into it. That was in 7th grade, he told me that the smallest kid in our grade was going to play. Me being the largest kid in our could I not play?

    I ended up being first all-league tackle(played both ways). Played basketball up until 8th grade. Ran track, used to be fast until football took over and I got bigger than I already was. In eighth grade I set and still hold the high jump record of 5'5".

    If it weren't for tendenitis in my knees and sprained knees I would have liked to try for OSU. I was thinking saftey, tightend or fullback? I always have dreams about football, dreams where I'm dressed and ready to play, but never quite make it on the field.
  5. I played Linebacker and remember how I always loved the delay blitz or persue to the outside and crush an RB when he cut back to the inside.

    I never had any game winning catches for runbacks, but had some nice hits.

    Probably the best hit ever was one I didn't remember at the time. The Fullback was coming off an inside trap and running straight at me and we met head on. That's all I remember, but watching the game films afterwards I ended up on top of him with both of us having to be helped off the field. The next play I wanted to go back in and the coach wouldn't let me and I started yelling that I was ok. Well, apparently I wasn't because I don't remember that either. It took about 5 minutes before I got back in the game.
  6. I went out for football my freshman year in highschool. I thought it was fun but hard at the same time. I don't remember how long I stayed on the team although I am in the team picture that year. I quit when I decided that a 5 ft 100 lb. kid isn't really designed to play football. Tried basketball, 5 ft. tall and didn't make it. I wrestled in grades 7 and 8 and was on the team my freshman year. Matched there with others in my weight class I was damn good. Didn't pass the physical (heart murmur) all was well but lost interest during the time off doing the doctors things.

    Took up other recreational things not suitable for kids to be doing.
    Any way, I enjoy watching some sports now but not really a sports nut.


  7. Bill that is a funny quote, kind of sounds like my high school days, something I am not very proud of today:(
  8. Let's just say if it wasn't for my decision to join the Navy I'd be like all my friends from highschool, dead, lost, prison, ex-con. I look back now and it seems that is was another person doing the things I did. Def. not proud, not perfect now either but I keep it within the law.

  9. It's the people that ignore their problems and continue to live a reckless life and put others in harm.....those people I don't understand?

    Anyone that was going the wrong direction and decides to make a u-turn has my respect.....even if you did have to ask for direction.