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How about a spot for out of state Deer?

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by DonnieP, Dec 22, 2002.

  1. How about setting aside a spot for out of state Deer hunts and pics like this little Texas eight point i took with my 243 at 150 yards with Remington 95 gr. ballistic tip ammo?;)

  2. Little 8-point???? I sure would like to shoot a little 8-point like that:D Glad to see you joined Donnie!

  3. Nice buck Texas!


    Very nice buck from MD.

    I couldn't help but notice the equipment you shoot. High country bow, carbon arrows 100 grain Thunderheads for sure. I'm about 99% sure that you're shooting a release with this setup. how about a overdraw or shelf in the riser to accomadate a little shorter arrow? Adjustable or fixed sights? Fiber optic sights?. I am not familar with this exact model High Country but I'm sure it's a cam versus a wheel bow.

    There is no real point to my questions other than to point out to you that most of the equipment that you shoot today was fought against long and hard by many bowhunters groups many years ago BEFORE they were legalized or accepted by bowhunters. I still remember the fights about how the release was going to destroy bowhunting and that anybody could just pick up a bow with a release and be shooting in no time. Did you know that release's were illegal not all that many years ago? I still shoot with fingers.

    I don't know how old you are, but I've seen many changes slowly come about in the bowhunting world. Most fear any change from the way it is and has always been. You will have crossbows legalized in PA and most other states at some time in the future it's not a question of IF but WHEN.

    Again, very nice buck to both of you,
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  4. Lundy, thanks! Now to answer your question. I just turned 33 two weeks ago, started bowhunting at the age of 16, started working in a hunting and fishing store when I was 15, the biggest and most well known in my area, Before then I cannot comment about, But Compounds with cams, release aids, and over draws were already the norm, I started working there when the need for speed was overtaking the bowhunters. While I worked there I bet I sold over 1,000 bows over the years and never even seen a trad bow, or met a trad hunter either while there, because compounds were already legal and the norm. Infact i didnt ever even have a conversation with a trad shooter until I became a member of the bowsite 1.5 years ago. and have only learned about the trad vs compound wars since then, from talking to and reading threads from trad shooters on the bow site. the best way I can put it is , when I started bowhunting, i started using what every person I knew considered a bow. And you would be shocked to know that My current equipment is still very similar to when I started bowhunting. I started out with a Hoyt Spectra Eclyspe, with 65% letoff and a 7.5 inch brace height. 100 GR.Wasp Hi tech 3 blade broaheads and a tm hunter rest and a caliper release. easton xx75 arrows. and since then my equipment has remained very similar. For the last 6 years now i have been shooting my current setup. a High Country Ultra Force, 65% letoff 7.5 inch brace height. with hatchet cams.Im still on my 2nd tm hunter rest the same modle as I started with. They stopped making my broadheads so I switched to 100 GR. 3 Blade Thunderheads and the reason i picked them because they were very similar my old brand. I am also am using the same 1 pin sight that i started with. no light, or fiber optic pins. Now my Ultra force is the same bow as the highcountry Excaliber, and the same cams. That bow hit the market about 14 years ago. The only difference from the ultra force and the excaliber is that my bow has a machined riser which makes it lighter, just under 4lbs and the excaliber was around 4.5 lbs , same riser just lighter now. I have always follewed the Pope and Young eqipment guide lines and will always do so. So with all this said, i think you are barking up the wrong tree with you questions and thoughts, because I never seen a reason in changing my equipment because it has worked for me very well.
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  5. Lundy, I forgot to mention, the same stabilizer since I bought my first bow, and the same style release, but a different brand, Heck, I have only changed the color of my fletchings 1 time since i started bow hunting. I went from 2 red and a white, to 2 orange and a white. Pike
  6. Pike,

    While I have been known to bark up a few trees in my day That wasn't my intent when asking about your equipment.

    I have no problem with what you choose to hunt with. I was only trying to tell you about some of the history of Ohio bowhunting and the in-fighting that has and is still occuring in Ohio bowhunting.

    I'm not making a point, just talking about history.

  7. Hey fellas
    Just a tidbit of info for ya cause i have noticed in other post that a lot of folks up your way use crossbows...In Texas, you can hunt with a crossbow during Archery season only if you are legally disabled in your upper limb....Crossbows are legal during regular rifle season for anyone...I personally have a Horton Legend that I have owned for eight years, took four Deer with it and parked it in the closet....Not that I didn't enjoy hunting with it but now my shots can range up to 500 yards (not that I would attempt a shot that far) even with the trusty 243.....Here is another eight point I took the first week of season at 130 yards.....Note the gray coloring of this buck, hardly even a white throat patch...

  8. Lundy, sorry taking your post the wrong way. Donnie, that is another fine buck! congrads. Pike
  9. That is a nice buck ya got there.

    I had a unhappy event this fall. I had to turn down a hunt in Texas where they had some nice bucks. Didnt have the time or money. But went to Kentucky and my 12 yr old son got a nice 6 pointer. It was his first deer.
  10. How do I post a picture?


  11. [​IMG]

    Here's my 2001 nine point I shot in Illinois last year. :)

  12. here it is

    Here is one of your deer pics, nice buck

  13. Thunderflight

    When you post a pic, right click on the pic in the gallery you want to post, then left click on properties, then copy the address of that on the image tab and put it there.