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Horton Crossbow: Which One?

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by tpet96, Dec 17, 2002.

  1. I'm in the process of deciding which crossbow I would like to purchase. I've narrowed it down to two, but would like some input on users that have theirs and how they feel. I'm looking at the following two:

    Horton Hunter XS

    Retails for $699

    200lb draw. Comes complete with Hunter XS crossbow, 4X32 Mult-A-Range® scope with rings, aluminum scope-mount base, detachable 4-arrow quiver, padded sling with quick-detach swivels, all in Mossy Oak® Break-Up™ camo finish


    Horton ® Legend SL

    Retails for $480

    165lb draw. Comes complete with Legend SL crossbow, 4 aluminum Lightning Strike arrows with target points, 4-arrow quiver, 4X32 Mult-A-Range® scope with rings and aluminum scope mount base.

    Please let me know your opinions on these two, or even something else you would recommend. This will be my first crossbow, but I'm wanting to go all out on it. Thanks in advance!
  2. I purchased the Legend SL a couple of months ago and love it. I got a real good price on it.


  3. I have seen both of the models you are looking at perform.I own the ledgend and a friend has the new XS.The XS is heavier by a couple of pounds but it is very fast.He made a double lung shot this year at 50 yds on a nice 8 pt. Previously we set our range limit at 30yds.(I'm still at 30)
    The XS is hard to cock.The 20" arrows barely fit with fixed blade broadheads.He has opted for 125 gr spitfires.
    If I was to buy a new one,it would be the XS for it's speed and added distance.Horton also has the Firehawk and Blackhawk kits that are 200lb. Draw weight also.
    Gator Guy
  4. Legend

    As you already know Shawn I have a Legend which you did get to take around for a day. Great bow indead. Its really up to you though. Lol for moneys sake if its gonna take you 12 years to get a deer with a bow then get the legend for sure. :D ;) :p
  5. I have the Yukon....Its a less expensive bow but it is made very well and shoots great!!!
  6. Any of you familiar with the Ten Point brand? I've heard some good things about them too.
  7. i have shot alot of hortons and if money no object go wih the hunter .personal opinion it is too heavy.i have the yukon sl and it is light and a real nice son 14 year old son even can hunt with it cause so light