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I was looking for something else & ran across this story. It still cracks me up.

An Oldie but a Goldie

This reminds me of something that happened back in the mid-60s when we lived in Manchester, IN & I went to HS in Aurora.

Our church was right next door to the parsonage & the cemetery was behind both the church & parsonage. At the time, I raised pigeons (Don’t ask why as I don’t remember. It just seemed like a good idea at the time.) There was an old, unused outhouse right behind the garage which I converted to a pigeon coop. I don’t remember how many birds I had but think it was in the neighborhood of a dozen.

Dad had a funeral one afternoon and an extremely corpulent man must have needed a restroom pretty badly. He ran to the outhouse, unlatched & opened the door & was greeted with a flight of pigeons right in the face. I’m not sure if he still needed the bathroom or not!! I was told in no uncertain terms that I would install a lock on the door, which I did.

I thought I had a better pic but this is the only 1 I could find. The parsonage is in the background right, the church is to the left. The garage is in the middle, with 3 pigeons roosting on top, & then the outhouse. I added a large flyway with 2”x2” wood & chicken wire attaching it to the outhouse with the window just below the roof as their way in & out.

Sky Building White Window Black

I think this has to be 1 of the funniest (from my perspective anyway), things that has ever happened to me.
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