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Hog Hunting in Ohio

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We are a hunting group in North West Ohio, that are going on a trip to south to Zaleski state forest, Vinton county Ohio.

We will be doing some Wild Boar hunting and also Spring Turkey and Possibly also some Coyote Hunting.

We will be Camping from April 25th, 26th and 27th and also most likely that weekend 28th and 29th.

If you want some more info and are interrested in going, check out more info about this http://www.teamnordichunters.com

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I have been on a few hunts up there the hogs are in there but you have to have some fast dogs to get them because of all of the human pressure

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Any more sightings of Hogs in Vinton County, particularly along Big Raccoon Creek? any way to "lure" them on to private property legally, for hunting?
i have a pit bull that goes nuts on domestic pigs........ im about to see if my buddy wants to get his dog in on it and see if they'll run some wild hogs :bouncy:
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pathfinder7 to lure them on your land try dog food
Talked to a gal yesterday that showed me a pic of a big sow she had shot in Vinton Co. she said that it was the second one she shot this year.
Scioto county hog from this past week

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Fyi, our facebook page was hacked so a new one was created. Facebook.com/teammainbeam

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Nice, what part of Vinton County our 300~ acres is along the the Big Raccoon.

What i have heard is that this area is one of the most populated area of Wild Boar in Ohio, one of the guys on our team was down therelast year and got two with one shot.....he didnt more than get up in his tree stand that he put up the day before.....and before he knew it he had a bunch of Hogs right where his stand was......he took a shot and the shot went thru the first pig and wounded the second one.....he said he was a little scared going after the one hurt by himself, thats why we are going down there more guys this time..........:)
please make sure of what's behind your target!!
I'm new to hog hunting. Im from the Perrysburg area and looking to expand my hunting. Ive been into waterfowl hunting on and off for many years. A friend and myself are looking to do some hog hunting in southern ohio. Ive read what ya'll have been saying on here and am very interested in your knowledge. Ive been doing some research and not a lot was helpful like what you have been saying. I was hoping that I can get a good area to hunt and to know what to look for exactly. Any information that you can give will be helpful. Thanks
I've never been hog hunting either but would love to try it. I have been reading a little about it and wanting to get a chance to kill some of them invaders. They are becoming a real nuissance!
He got two pigs, one was a 270 pound 290 pound, he ended up with about 300 pounds of meat, 30 pounds of Bacon and the rest was all kinds of cuts.
Thats awesome! Sounds like you had a great time. I love me some hogs!!
Guys we have some hogs here,if u r a true hunter and understand u dnt see something everytime u go id take u. Check out my facebook page at mainbeam outdoors

I've never been hog hunting either but would love to try it. I have been reading a little about it and wanting to get a chance to kill some of them invaders. They are becoming a real nuissance!
In Texas they have become a huge epidemic. Farmers have become very frustrated and the pigs have also started rooting up residential areas too. We have some of the nations largest concentrated pig populations here in Central Texas also. I lease over 135,000 acres and I manage my ranches pretty hard. Here are some pics of the ones I have been seeing lately

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subscribing to the thread and curious if the OP every made this trip and how he did.....I have a buddy that bowhunts Zaleski and said he's never seen a hog or sign but he's also not really been looking. They're obviously some there or has been some there in the past....I'd be curious if they're still in there and what kind of numbers we're talking about. This is something I really want to take up. I know a guy that lives right next to the wayne section in Jackson county and he says they're in there in halfway decent numbers. I'm going to spend some time in the spring trying to find these suckers.
i've covered hundreds if not thousands of acres of wayne and zaleski with no luck. however i've heard that the guy that imports russian boar in mcarthur for high fenced hunts has had them escape into the wild... this being maybe 15-20 minutes from the very south west corner of zaleski if it's true. also have had a friend's dad tell me that he heard guys talking at the vinton co. airport that they had seen them close to the runway before, this being on private land just west (again 15-20min.'s) of zaleski. eitherway it is still no cake walk, i've spent hundreds of hours in the woods every season, using a gps to find spots more and more remote and that i have never been and never found so much as one wallow, let alone so much as a funny shaped hoof print...
Your chances of killing a wild hog in ohio are slim to none...unless your hunting them on a fenced in property that stalks them...

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