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"HIT" recurves info?

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Lunker, Dec 20, 2002.

  1. Anyone have an Archabold OH made. HIT recurve. I guess the guy who made them moved to Florida. . I know of only one more HIT bow and the owner thinks there pretty rare. My Grandpa just gave me one he had in the attic. It looks like its out of the late 60's. I just dont want to shoot it if its really old, although the glass is in really good shape and no stress marks on it. Any info would be really appreciated.
  2. Call Scott and ask him your question! Hes a builder of many recurve and might even know this guy! 937 548-1131 Or email at Glenn

  3. Hey there Lunker,

    Go to Gander in Toledo and ask for Mike Hogan, he knows everyhting about this area's archery history and is the man! He may be able to tell you who that guy is and where he is today. He is an old neighbor of mine and like I said really knows it all. He works in the archery department at Gander Mountain in Toledo. If you want me to, I will ask him for you .

  4. yes they were a very good bow.I own one and I know of several others .HE (bud hit)just resumed making bows.HE'S about 80,maybe more.They were the top of the line.Hits hade the date made put on the bow.MINE has the bent limb design.I have heard they were the bow fred bear got his design for a takedown and he tried to hire mr hit as his bowyer but mr. hit refused.One just went for about 200$ on ebay about an hour