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Discussion in 'Ice Fishing Ohio' started by WVtrouter, Dec 26, 2002.

  1. does anyone ice fish at highlandtown lake? what's in there and what to use?

    thanks WVtrouter
  2. Hi WVtrouter,
    A couple of guys I work with fish that lake in the spring , summer & fall for bass. I've heard of guys doing good fishing for bluegills & crappies. But I haven't heard of anybody ice fishing there.
    Here's what the ODNR has to say about the lake; NE Ohio Public Fishing Waters
    Hope this helps, Bass DAY

  3. I fished there once on the ice. I heard that the blue gills were a decent size.

    We didn't do well, but it was my first time there and my buddy and I didn't know the lake, so we didn't know where to go.