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Hi to All

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Trumbull Archer, Dec 17, 2002.

  1. Hi to all the posters here. just sorta driffted here looking for an
    Ohio site, My handle is Trumbull Archer, which is for the county where I live and my pasion for archery. I own some property in Jefferson co. town of Burgholz that was purchased for bow hunting. Hope to make a few new freinds and maybe pick up a good tip or two, as well as give a tip or two.

  2. Hello Trumbal,I too am a first timer on this site,pretty nice . I live in Irondale -Hammondsville area and I am familiar with the Burgholz area,like my area it is a good but physical place to hunt. Goodluck and may the wind be in your face and a good buck in front.

  3. Welcome to the Ohio Sportsman forum section, home of the best outdoorsmen known to ohio. lol Anyway welcome to the site, pretty nice bunch of fellas here.

  4. Oops! sorry about the misspell on your county
  5. Hey I work with a guy that is going to take me bow hunting next season in the Trumbull area, He is going upnext week to vist, and asked me what season was open the week of Christmas. Anyone know?
  6. Welcome!! The more the marrier!! lol:cool:
  7. Thanks for the welcome,
    xxkilla, muzzleloader season starts Dec 27th thru Dec 30th.