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Hey Wise1

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Erie, Dec 19, 2002.

  1. Welcome aboard! :)

    Chad or Troy ??
  2. ray

    with all your aliases and your lic. plates,i thought it was you till you posted the welcome:rolleyes: but then,maybe you're talkin' to you'rself again:confused: :rolleyes: ;) :p :p :p at any rate,welcome to another "WISE" guy:D :p :p

  3. Naw ..

    it's one of my two 30 yro sons I think with a twist on my WISETWO plates .. probably the "Wild-one" rather than Capt SheepHead.

    take it easy Ol' Gimp :rolleyes: :p

    PS .. ya gonna bring the Wave-Blaster to IL next year so I can give ya a jump-start on da Eaters??

  4. :D :D if i have to cme over and camp on your highrise deck,i'm gonna get over there for the early bite.could you install an escalator before i get there?:D ;) hopefully we'll get some more ice,and you get a visit from me if we do:)
  5. IL

    I want to come along ,, huh,, can I huh??? LOL With me in the front of your boat it will help level it out.
  6. hey toad

    we're gonna take your boat:D too many shallow spots and stumps for mine:eek: :D :p and we haven't broken yours in right.....yet:D

    once i get done with the mods(again)i might be able to keep the tramsom above water:rolleyes: :D ;)
  7. 2 Wise Guys on this board? Lord help
  8. Hey WW

    I'm still waitin' to see if it's my Youngin', but before long Capt SheepHead will be on the Huntin' boards for sure ~ both of my Nuts fell close to the Tree ~ Beware!!!:eek:

    :p :p
  9. WalleyeWiz

    things could easily get worse.there's still another one lurking out there somewhere:eek: ;) :D if the younguns are like the old drifty one,they gotta be ok,though.:cool:
  10. WELLLL

    Howdy Hello everyone !!
    Pretty neat place ya got here..........looks like the GFO !!!!!
  11. wise1 ..

    ~ I don't have a clue:rolleyes: ~ unless your a Son I don't know about from one of those Brown Bottle nites long ago:eek: ;)

    :p :p
  12. Hi Ray !!!!!

    Yall know me !!!!!...................I been around for awhile....................... :D

    No kidding I see ALOT of familiar names at this site........
  13. the good ol days

    :D :D :D
  14. Ya Know..........

    I always wanted to be a "Brown Bottle " Boy anyway LOL