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Hey rrbski..Carp Reels?

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We have talked on here about baitrunner/baitfeeder/live liner/bite'n run/fullrunner style reels for CATCHING carp on hook and line..but as you know there are other rods and reels that are used in carping that never get a hook tied on them and are never used to land carp...but are very important to "all-around" carpers who use all the possibilitys allowed to locate, chum and catch carp.
Ive seen a few questions about "SPODS" what are they and what are they used for..BUT what about "feature" finding methods such as "marker floats"???
I know from all the UK info. ive read that lots of serious carpers over there use 5 rods for carping most of the time(this might just be for "syndicate" lakes?)..they are allowed to use 3 hook-baited rods to CATCH carp, then one rod for spodding and one for "feature finding" with a marker float.
From what i gather(please correct me on this) but they first use a marker float tied on the end of a line with a sliding heavy sinker or a special design sinker free running between the float and rod..they cast this out trying to find features to fish(ie gravel
spots, clear areas in weed beds, ect.) and also to find out what type of "bottom" they are faced wth(ie mud, silt, weeds, rock, sand, ect.). When they find what they are looking for they let out a little line until the marker float comes to the surface to "mark" the spot. Then they grab the spodding rod and cast "spot on" or as close as you can, to this marker float, putting out as much chum, feebies, ect. they want to atract the carp to thier hooked bait. After spodding they then grab a hook-baited rod and cast to the marker float trying again to get right on(spot on) that marker!
They do this for each of the 3 rods.
NOW you know i was going to get to a question..lol
;) :cool:
I have fished with you before..i know your thoughts and why you like to spod..but i havent SEEN you use a marker float to feature find or mark a spot that you want to cast to...do you use one..if not why?..or if you do.... is it a very important part of the big puzzel in catching carp for you?
Also while "day-dreaming" about the upcoming C.A.G. events, i have been considering buying a spod rod and a spod rocket of some kind..i have seen first hand how effective it was for you on Erie..but at the same time saw Richie just using pack baits and doing very well?
Do you think just a Fox Spod rod and a stubby Rocket will be a good all around chioce?

I know alot of anglers that spod use the "big pit" style reels(not baitrunner big pits) for thier spodding and marker floats..do you think either one of the last two reel on the 'Okuma" page located on this link would be good?
Now i do have a "big pit" style spinning reel thats just for casting long distance and such..but its a Daiwa Emblem Z and its about a $200 reel and bought it for Hybrid hunting..i know this reel will work..but i wanted a dedicated reel that will be just for carping work like spodding ect. Will just a regular spinning reel that holds a good amount of line work just as good?

Ok ive yapped on long enough, catch ya later,
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forgot to tell ya carp anglers..

That Daiwa has brought one of thier Bite n' Run carp reels to the US market this year..not a bad price and for those who like Daiwa tackle you might be interested?(click on Daiwa reels)
For those serious Daiwa fans looking for higher quality...heres thier top of the line Grand Wave Bite n' Run reel thats the brother of the UK Infinity(would cost about $500 american $ to purchase)

rrbski's C.A.G. friend Don Rogers bought two of these Grand Wave reels for carp fishing thise year ....geez, ive seen his carp gear too..this guys SERIOUS about carpin!!
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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