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Hey LM, Spot & SM Bassers ... what is your home waters??

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species Fishing' started by Erie, Dec 30, 2002.

  1. .. what is your home waters? ~ Ya got any Bass photos or Good General Info for the masses on your home waters??

    I have a luv for info & like to follow the Bassin' scene across Ohio, but with the multitude of Bassin' Clubs & Sites it's almost info overload anymore
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  2. I fish the Mohican River probably the most in the summers. I just put on some water shoes and a bathing suit. I wade up and down using either small lures/spinners or live bait that I catch in the river. I usually catch at least one, but it's a lot of fun just being IN the river, and if you get tired you can take a seat by the bank and just fish there.

  3. For lg mouth I usually fish farm ponds. For small mouth it is the auglaize from wapak to buckland.

    For the lg mouth I throw 90% of the time soft plastics. The smallies I throw 3 in twisters on 1/8 th oz lead. With the occasional assorted lures here and there.

  4. Lakes

    There's a few lakes in SW OH, I like to cast to the rip rap for smallies. I did real good a few times with a pumpkinseed colored hot-n-tot, also a shad colored shadrap has served me well. ;)
  5. What smallie fishing I do is on paint creek, never have caught a nice one just a bunch of runts
  6. Erie, Erie and more Erie for smallmouth and largemouth:D

    After fishing this lake for anything it's hard to fish inland Ohio lakes.

  7. I fish...

    Central and S.Western Columbus rivers and streams for smallmouth, i dont fish for Lm's or fish lakes.
    If im targeting big smallies during the warm times i throw tubes(2.5"- 3") , Grubs (4"- 5")and Stickbaits like Rapalas(#7-#9). For numbers and action i throw small cranks, in-lines, spoons and sometimes grubs (2"- 3") in natural colors.
    Most of my big fish come in spring, fall and winter with summer being the numbers game and lots of action while wading.
  8. Nice smallmouth

    Ive fished Erie a few times..pretty easy to catch 5lbers there..all ya need is some soft craws, the locals say....saw boats coming in with thier limits of big smallies:(
    I got my limit too..but i released them all..for someone else to catch and eat them:rolleyes:
  9. Lake St. Clair

    My father-in-law used to go there every year with his fishing buddies. He had a great time there in some cabins. There was a bunch of them that went. Too bad he died before I ever got to fish with him. He had just got his dream bass boat with a 150hp motor the year before too.:(
  10. We almost went to lake St. claire but went to canada instead. It wasn't as good in my opinion, because we probably would have caught more at lake St. Claire. I've seen it on television and it would be nice to go there someday.

    Nobody else fishes the Mohican River?
  11. Scott,

    I really think it is a shame when I see smallmouth being kept for the table anywhere, but it really bothers me to watch the numbers of bass kept in Erie.

    The ODNR has reduced the limit but it still bothers me to watch them being taken from the lake in such large numbers, especially when there are so many perch and walleye available in the same areas if you want fish to eat.

    My prefered method is to use tube jigs, but golden shiners are very hard to beat when they are not taking the tubes. I've caught them on rubber worms to buzzbaits and everything in between, but tubes are the my first choice for artficials.

    We don't use any softcraws anymore for the smallmouth. The shiners easily out perform the craws for us. One of the best live baits last year were what we named "Lake Chubs". They are just goby's in the 3-4" range. The bass love them. Of course the are illegal to have in your possesion so you have to catch a new one for bait after each bass.

    During the last 4-5 years of seriously chasing the smallies on Erie only one smallmouth has been kept on my boat, that was by a guest that wanted to have it mounted.

    I know that you don't venture far from the creeks but if you want to fish some smallies in Erie east of Cleveland this spring I'd be happy to take you along on a trip. It's not the same as wading the Darby but it's still some great fun.

  12. Kim

    THANKS for the offer, i'll get ahold of ya come spring for sure.
    Dont get me wrong..we all know Erie is the top place to both size and numbers of smallies, the streams i fish cant compare to that.
    I also hear ya on the keeping of smallies..i seen coolers full of big breeder brownbass every trip up there.
    I was 3-way riggin tubes to catch the smallies up there with great success, along with 5" brown kalin grubs.

    Yea i like sticking close to home somtimes(hard to beat some of the places 10-15 mins from me), but i do catch a lot of smallies from the ohio r. each year too.
    Last year i made a trip up to the Kokosing r. and loved it, im planning many trips up there this season, along with some new spots that i just got permission to fish along Darby.
  13. Lake Erie


    I'm with you on Erie being the best for Smallies. After the last couple of years it's hard to imagine a fishery that's any better. I do have a challenge for you though. The next time we are out chasing Smallmouth, you fish the Goldens and I'll use the "Lake Chubs" and we'll see which is actually a better bait on Erie. You'll have to admit one thing though, there ain't a cheaper Smallmouth bait than "Lake Chubs";)

  14. Hi Wes,

    I accept your challenge. It is only fitting that you be the one to fish with the "lake chubs"

    I just wish we could be there today. I really miss being on Erie.

    My work schedule should be much better this year. Make sure you have a lot of kitchen passes this year:D

    see ya soon,