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Hey bill_gfish

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Erie, Dec 16, 2002.

  1. Just found that one tonight. If you mean by ratchet with, the guy I fish with here recently for crappie and saugeye that would be Glenn aka getinjiggy

    I will definately get with you in may. You may have to do alot of teachin though. lol


  2. Had to do a lil' surfin' Bill ~

    chopiq/Jason is your partner for a weekday afternoon on IL ~ just don't forget the Lee's chicken or you'll both be troll bait:rolleyes: :p

    " Jason .. I think you've stopped by the old fart's shack before if mem serves me correctly ~ made a offer to Bill, why don't you come down the same day & go out in the I-Beater also ~ you 2 can Yack & crank-em while I drive & munch Lee's "


    To old to do a one day IL Kram-course .. when the time & the I-bite is hot, I'll give you 2 a E a day or so ahead of time & hope the bite is on that afternoon .. don't worry I'm stayin' outta trouble & only runnin' a pair of flatline SR7s on the humps while watchin' the gps, boat traffic & munchin' Lee's:rolleyes: :p

    I've already made promises to 2 others & that will be enough for the old fart with 7 kids & 14 Gkids for next year .. besides I like to sUMo I-fish, rather than chase Eaters with "maybe" a sUMo on the side:eek: ;)

    16-19s are Eaters, da rest swim
    see Ya in mid-May, if not before! :)
  3. PS ~ Bill

    Maybe if chopiq can't make it that day Ya can talk Dip into goin' along, but I'll smack his Cat Claws if-in' he trys to nail da drumsticks:eek: Anywho, the Dip said he has trouble gettin' eaters on hook n line & is welcome.
  4. I think dip would be interested if chopiq can't make it. Although my wife thinks he could be a psycho fisherman stalker, long story,
    she thought also that dip may kill me the first time I fished with him.

    Sounds good, I might even throw a beverage of choice in with the chicken.