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He's still alive

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Byrd, Jan 6, 2003.

  1. The buck I have been chasing all year is still here after gun season. Saw him yesterday morning with 4 does heading toward my woods. Hunted till 10 never seen him. Got access to the woods he was coming out of yesterday evening. Man he would look awful beautiful on my wall LOL
  2. Good luck in your pursuit Byrd.

  3. Keep after him, even if you dont get him the chase sure is fun!
  4. Good luck byrd on your quest hope you get him,Just look at it how big he will be next year.Hay been doing any 3-d shooting ,did you find a club in your area?
  5. Good luck!!

    Bucks like that seem to vanish into thin air....:D
  6. good luck gettin him before the season is out.
  7. Never give up. He will make a mistake and you need to be there. Good Luck to you.;)
  8. Good luck to you I hope you get him.:)
  9. Good luck, I hope mine made it.
  10. Caribou Dreamer 2 I found a place in woodstock straightnarrow archery. Do you still shoot with Logan county archers?
  11. Good luck on that big boy. It's the best time of the season to get out if you can! Most of the other archers in my area have packed it in for the season.

  12. I use to not hunt after gun season, but now I bowhunt only so I take advantage of it. Next year my son can join me, if I can find a hunters safety course around champaign county