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Here's a winter warm up story for ya!

Discussion in 'Ohio Turkey Hunting' started by BuckeyeTom, Jan 20, 2003.

  1. Driving home the other day and noticed something up ahead in the road. My first thought was buzzards, as I got closer I got a up close and personal with 7 huge toms! I had to stop and let them cross the road. I was kicking myself for not having my digi-cam with me. All long beards! Be nice to see a group like that during the season.

    Down here in Vinton County! Lottsa turkeys. Been feeding deer in the back yard and the turkey are coming in also. I've snapped some pics, but the zoom on my digi-cam is not all that! The turkeys at 75 yds. look like blurs,lol.
  2. Tom, I was about 6 inches from hitting a deer last night when I was driving to work. I see them like 2 out of every 5 times I go. This time one ran right in front of me, and three more were in some trees on the side of the road, none with antlers.

  3. LB98-

    The deer down here give defensive driving a whole new meaning,lol. Saw a buck w/antlers in the back yard last night. As cold as it is/was, I'm surprised it has'nt froze the antlers off of em,lol.:D Glad you missed the deer. That can be very $$$expensive!
  4. The day after that hapenned, I saw a buck at about 11pm when
    I was driving. I slowed down the car and pointed a finger at it and said don't you do it, don't you do it. I watched it run away, was a little six point, still had antlers.
  5. LOL-LB...

    Hey, I'll try that one next time.;) I've hit several. Knock on wood though it's been awhile. Hit one once right on 2nd street(in town) Wellston.
  6. Hey Tom

    Here's some turkeys that were way out in a field on our way to Brookville on Monday. Shot them zoomed in with the new camera in the largest size, then trim the picture down and this is the result.

    Here's virtually the same shot in 640 X 480- then it's reduced to 500 wide.
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  7. Good deal Jim!

    Wish my digi cam-had more of a zoom! I got like 75 yds. to the woods beyond my back door(open field). I've snapped some turkey pics. that come out with the turkey looking like a black dot,lol.
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