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This had been mentioned to me in a PM, I wanted to post it to show that we cat guys are not alone and that the ODNR is trying to help, I think we can use this to our advantage at least they recognize there is a problem although you wouldn't know it by reading the replies to letters that have been sent ... I would like you to pay particular attention to the amount of times catfish are refered to by the ODNR as gamefish .... The only alteration that has been done to the article was the numbering of the word gamefish by me ... the rest is copied right off the website... I had mentioned in an eariler post how I couldn't understand why people from the ODNR kept refering to catfish as gamefish when they clearly are not .... I know it don't mean anything but it does lead to the misconception that catfish are already listed as a gamefish I know that the ODNR says there is no such classification as gamefish ... but they sure do toss the word around alot ..

News Release
June 11, 2002

Ninety citations issued in 13 southern and western Ohio counties

COLUMBUS, OH - Forty-five individuals in 13 counties were cited on Saturday for the illegal taking and selling of game fish,(2) according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Division of Wildlife. State wildlife investigators may file additional charges.

“The illegal taking and selling of game fish(3) exploits a public resource,” said Mike Budzik chief of ODNR's Division of Wildlife. “We cannot allow a public resource to be abused for personal gain.”

Wildlife officers charge the individuals involved were illegally removing game fish(4), most of which were catfish, from Ohio streams and illegally selling them to commercial, recreational fishing operations.

Ninety citations have been filed for violations including the purchase of game fish(5), selling of game fish(6), selling bait without a bait dealer license, aiding an offender, possession over the limit and illegal method of taking game fish(7). Investigators expect to file as many as 100 additional charges once the seized records are examined and follow-up interviews are conducted.

Wildlife officers have been building the case they dubbed "Operation Mudcat " for several years. Most of the charges are fourth degree misdemeanors and concern the illegal sale and purchase of game fish(8). Penalties for illegally taking and selling game fish(9) include a $250 fine, 30 days in jail and loss of fishing privileges. The investigation covered 13 counties including Brown, Butler, Clark, Clermont, Hamilton, Highland, Jackson, Lawrence, Montgomery, Pike, Preble, Scioto and Warren.


For additional news online, check out the ODNR Press Room at Ohiodnr.com

For Further Information Contact:
Tim Schalter, ODNR Division of Wildlife
(937) 372-9261
Andy Ware, ODNR Media Relations
(614) 265-6882

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Just goes to show you.......when THEY can GAIN something from the issue they jump all over it, but when THEY are asked about the subject........no problem exists. Both this and the replies need to be printed, made copies of and taken to the dnr for some explanation. That, to me, is rediculus.........there is nothing more I hate than being bs'd and lied to. That's all this amounts to is a bunch of crap. I'd like to listen to how they explain these documents/replies!:eek: :mad:
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