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Hello Everyone, my name is Jimi Lee, and I am a fellow Ohio Sportsman...

First I would like to thank our Blessed Brothers and Sisters who have served this great country and fought for our freedoms we have today.

Born and raised in Ohio, I have been chasin critters as long as my mother would let me out of the house.
I have been blessed with an excellent opportunities to guide/hunt/ and film on some of the best hunting ground anywhere. From Ohio, Kentucky, Missisippi, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and the list goes on and on...

While outfitting and filming, unfortunately I have seen the darker side of things when as a guide, I had zero power over who hunted on what farm when the "OUTFITTER'S WORD WAS LAW".... Understand everyone, the poor guide is paid maybe $100 per day, or given hunting rights to the properties as payment for taking you to and from your farms... the Outfitter is his boss and whatever the Outfitter said, the guide had to comply or be fired.

*****I HATED IT!!

Where a hardworking guy like me would work all year for a chance to hunt, and the outfitter pulls a smoke and mirrors maneuver putting the guys on farms with deer for 2 of their 5 days hunt... I have seen it all.... THERE HAD TO BE A BETTER WAY!!

Well guys, there is, and it is in the opportunity to start your own hunting clubs. You can start your own Hunting Club with YOUR friends and YOUR RULES, as long as they are legal, haha... no more "trophy fees" or 5 day hunts... Oftentimes costing less than the cost of a 3-5 day "outfitted hunt" you can start a club with me and
****************************HUNT ALL YEAR****TURKEYS, SMALL GAME TOO.

It is much easier than you think... for example. If you have 4 buddies you know who love to hunt.... if you go check out most Ohio outfitter Rates with room and board 3-5 days are $2,500-$3,500. At that rate you and your four buddies could HAVE EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS TO HUNT ALL YEAR ROUND ON CONSISTENT BIG BUCK PRODUCING PROPERTIES.
email me with inquiries [email protected]


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