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held it in long enough these are crap!!!!

Discussion in 'Taxidermy' started by davideugene05, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. my daughter got a nice 8 pointer last year(her first time hunting) and I was fortunate enough to get a nice 10 b4 gun season them both mounted from the same place and got them back but I've held it in long enough...Is it just me or are these crap for a professional taxidermist? he has been around for a good while and i heard he was good...idk if he was sleeping or what when he did my daughters and mine or what???
  2. Man that really looks horrible. I would demand he remount them or get a refund. Ultimately you pay for what you get. My mount cost $530 for shoulder mount an it's top notch. We could do that for our first time in your garage. Horrible.

  3. well not sure what i,m lookin at but some of that looks gross...:D
  4. That's terrible I pay $225 fit mine and they look twice as good, and $700 on my really nice deer.. My guess is he was in a hurry defiantly would demand a remount

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  5. Those are terrible. Did he have some mounts for you to look at? If you don't mind what did you pay? Sometimes a guy gets covered up in work finds out he is not making any money or very little. Then he starts throwing things together and this is what you get. The good thing is it can be fixed the bad thing is its not cheap. You can go back and try to get him to make it right but my guess would be good luck.
  6. Give him a chance to make it right. Not sure if you went over to his place to pick it up, why on earth did you take them home if they looked this bad. It's better to speak up right away than to wait.

    I wish you luck.


  7. I paid $300 each but got $25 off for my daughters first deer...I seen other mounts he had and they looked pretty good...i took them home not thinking...I was in a hurry because my daughter was about to get home from school and I wanted to make it back in time to have it on the wall to surpise her... the putty is everywhere and instead of the noses being hollowed out they are just packed full of putty..the mouths are sealed shut with putty and the eye ducks are full of it as well.....mine has bald spots on the chest....
  8. I would take some kind of action. This man shouldn't be in business. $300 should have been better work than that. Materials don't cost that much.
  9. miketruax

    miketruax Staff Member Super Mod

    I think $300 is low end a decent taxidermist will have 8-20 hours or more in a mount with $100+ in materials plus tanning if he is doing it right. I can do your remounts for you though if you choose to go that route

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  10. Yea, those are pretty poor quality. I did taxidermy for a while and I charged $250 and it wasn't worth it. But either way, the first deer I mounted looked a lot better than those. So much work goes into a stinkin deer it's crazy but someone that does it professionally should do a lot better job than that, even if he does only charge $300. Take them back!

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  11. Agreed thats not good. I would like to see full mount pictures if you dont mind. Also it might save someone else the trouble and some hard earned cash if youd tip us off to the taxidermist.
  12. Ask him if he used any hide paste. To me it looks like he didn't. They are a poor mount for sure. They is a guy around me that has been doing it a long time and most of his mounts look good. But there are a few that look just nasty.
  13. miketruax

    miketruax Staff Member Super Mod

    I don't think it is a paste issue other than the misaligned brisket and poor tucking job (lips -eyes) it looks like piss poor finish work you could have them looking a little better with a little clay work. Are the ears drumming it is hard to tell from the pics but most areas could probably by rehydrated and fixed to look ok if you wanted to take the time

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  14. havent tried to contact them yet...this is only the 2nd and 3rd mounts I've ever had done and wanted to get everyones opinion for the price paid....Its a taxidermist in the nelsonville/athens area...hes a great i said musta been off his game or something or maybe was trying to teach someone how to do it or something...when i was younger he did my hunters safety course..but here are the full mount pics....


  15. I'd give him a chance to fix them up. However, if I sensed any attitude about doing it, I'd take them to someone else.

    He needs to be serious and professional about doing a new job. If he does it grudgingly then I'd spend the money to get them done right.

  16. Congrats to your daughter on her first deer!! A buck no-less... Good luck on the mounts & hope both of you score this season!!
  17. Ive been doing taxidermy here in PA for 23 years, and I dont think my first mounts were this bad ! Ill try to post a picture of the first deer I ever mounted, and its 23 years old, and Ill add a picture or two of my recent bird work (shooting this buck got me interested in taxidermy) ! A shoulder mount here in Southeast PA goes for about 550.00 (about average price). Compared to Ohio Prices on a shoulder mount, we are alot higher (I see alot of taxis doing heads for 300.00 there ). Bottom line is you get what you pay for ! Next time I would do a little homework and actually go look at some of his work before you commit ! It takes time and practice to be a good taxidermist! As far as getting your mounts fixed good luck, but I doubt you will ever be satisfied with this guys work !

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  18. Awful work, he should be ashamed of himself and his business. In NH you cannot get a decent mount for under $550. These mounts aren't even close...
  19. Outstanding work.

  20. Schu72

    Schu72 Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    What a terrible situation to be in. I feel for you. I think you are probably looking at having to have them redone with new capes to get a result you'd be happy with.

    Unlike some of the other I don't think you have to overspend to get quality work. You just have to do your homework. Get refferals, look at their shop, ask questions. The last 3 mounts I had done (2 for me and 1 for my son) were priced at $325. I'm not sure what an additional $225 would have gotten me, other than a lighter wallet. I can't access photobucket from work or I'd post some pics. There are some pics on my profile if anyone is interested.
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